Sunday, February 25, 2007

An 80th Birthday Party!

Last evening I went to the birthday of Ward who is turning 80! His whole family was there from all over the USA - children, grandchildren and I'm not sure but maybe a great-grandchild also! My connection to Ward and his wife Margaret is the fact that they were avid sailors and lived in Guatemala for many, many years. The evening was delightful. In the group was, "Old" Joe who always has a twinkle in his eye and worked out at the gym three days a week up until last year and can walk faster then anyone I have ever known. "Old" Joe is 85, I think. Joe is from New Orleans. Then there is Norman who we have nicknamed "El Diablo" or the Devil because he is always trying to stir up trouble such as wanting to go someplace different for lunch then the rest of the group or "major" things like that. He too always has a twinkle in his eyes and has lived all over the world, literally. He has taken Spanish classes in more countries then could be named but only speaks with a New York accent. Oh Norman is 81, I think, he is a delight. To top it off there was Ollie who was as "sharp as a tack" and plays golf three days a week. If someone had asked me how old he was, from a glance, I would have said early 70's............he's 91! He was the Director of Engineering for American Motors and was the inventor of air-conditioning for cars!!! All of these men are so self-effacing and don't want praise or to be singled out - they are truly "The Greatest Generation". I feel privileged to have them as an example of how life can be lived to the fullest no matter what your age happens to be. I sat quietly and listened to them tell incredible stories about the automobile industry and why it was in Detroit and why it is floundering. It was quite interesting. Thanks Guys!

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What a fun bunch! Is it that climate that promotes longevity? I'm sure it helps. And how can one grow old when there is still so much fun to be had? Loved to have been at this party. Tell Norm hi.