Wednesday, December 15, 2021

On both sides of The Wall!

 The talented and knowledgeable computer man came and hopefully the blogpost

will not be messed up with little bits of sentences everywhere and some places

single spaced and others double spaced.   We'll see - hopefully it is fixed.

As the title above says, this post is about two sides of "The Wall".  The one

here at my house, not the infamous one in Texas............

In November, November 22nd to be exact the big ditch diggers, jackhammers

and whatever else is necessary to dig a hole down the entire length of our street

arrived to begin work.  None of us had any idea how long this would take or if

we would be able to access the "outside" world on foot or by car.  It didn't take long

to realize that neither was going to be possible as seen by the photos below.

This was prior to Thanksgiving which was the first week.  The sidewalk was still usable.  It went 

downhill from there and by the third week, some of us needed groceries. etc and those who delivered

did so on foot, very carefully as there were big holes everywhere.


No it was not possible to leave by vehicle and if I had wanted to "walk out" I would have had to 

somehow make it to the corner..........not possible.  So, I was home non-stop for three weeks!


One learns, living in Mexico, to go with the flow.  My hope was that it would be over prior to 

Christmas.  And, actually my hope was realized when ALL was completed by December 9th.

Everyone on this block was astonished and relieved.


We are so used to the quiet and of not even hearing cars on the street that the noise was probably 

the most uncomfortable part of it all.


On this side of the wall, I could still enjoy the garden during their lunch breaks or when they left to go 

home late in the day.  Here are a few photos of the gardens.  Enjoy, I sure do!


Amazingly, the photos have posted.  The sentences appear to be posting correctly.  Maybe

all the snafus have been taken care of and I can start writing more posts now!

That would be wonderful................let's see what happens when I hit "Publish"!


Steve Cotton said...

I look forward to seeing that garden before too long.

Mr. Bill said...

Lovely Garden setting!

Unknown said...

Thank goodness the photos come through perfectly although the sentences in the post or having margin issues

Joan Landon McMullen said...

Love the flower gardens in SMA, and yours was a refuge for you...noise of new construction has been with us here in Oxnard, California, also since before Thanksgiving...more houses...ugg = more traffic, more cars, harder to get around.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Glad neither you nor your neighbors had an emergency while the construction was going on! It looked rather formidable! Latest from here: you should be getting a delivery of Reese’s in May-June. Here’s hoping you have a VERY Merry Christmas, and a Happy and Healthy New Year! All the Best!

Babs said...

Steve, I'll believe it when I see the "whites of your eyes", ha.
it has been WAY TOO LONG. Almost 5 years!

Thanks Mr. Bill - Hope you have a lovely Christmas in Tennessee.

Yes, Unknown, need to work on that issue a bit more.

Joan - At least our construction is for the purpose of a new sewage system and not more houses! Thanks for taking time to post.......

Ha Anonymous - I KNOW you are "Dan" I did get out for Thanksgiving Day by hanging on to my son's arm for dear life! But, had there been an emergency it would have been a disaster. Looking forward to seeing you and Wishing you and yours Feliz Navidad!!!!!

Kim G said...

Looks like your neighborhood had a period there where it was all ready for trench warfare!

I'm glad to see you are well.


Kim G
Roma Sur, CDMX
Where I'm getting more settled in than ever.

Babs said...

Great to see a comment from you Kim!
I didn't know if you were still in the Northeast or where.
Is your Mom still in Ajijic?

Stay in touch.
Glad to know you're happy in CDMX

Ratana said...
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