Sunday, March 07, 2021

Heading On Down The Road!

One thing that is always true, life changes.  A major one has happened this past week as

Matilda, Sebastian and my son John headed for the USA.  The USA is a place totally foreign

to the children as they were three years old (Matilda) and one year old (Sebastian) when they 

came to San Miguel!  It will definitely be a time for discovery for them.  For John it will be a

better opportunity to make a living to take care of his family.


They have headed for Colorado as of Friday morning at "o dark thirty".  Their arrival in Laredo

was a relief as all their possessions,  including the leash trained cats, were traveling along.

After a night in Laredo with my trusty and wonderful son-in-law Rich, who drove from Colorado 

to get them,  they headed for Colorado again at  "o dark thirty".  

Obviously they made a food stop in Texas.  This photo of Sebastian with a container of french fries

 from a WHAT A BURGER is the evidence.  The funniest part of this photo though is one of the cats

peeking over the back seat and eyeing the food!  It made me laugh to see how intent both Sebastian and 

the cat both were on the french fries.


Of course I have already spoken with them today and all is well.  No snow right now but plenty 

coming next weekend!  THAT will be quite a sight for the kids along with being great fun.


It didn't occur to me initially that the kids don't even know US money!  However with US dollars and 

coins in their wallets I'm sure it won't take them long to figure that out.  Schooling will be different as

well. Lots of thing.


Luckily my daughter is a teacher and she is so happy to have them there at their home that she will help

along with all the other family members, Rich, cousin Andrew, cousin Hannah and cousin Emma who 

is off at college at CSU to ease them into life in the USA.


So, life here will be different for me as well!  Cooking won't be nearly as much fun.  No kids to exclaim

over cherry cobbler or chocolate chip cookies.  No one to make spaghetti or mac and cheese or the

other foods they loved that feed a tribe.  To cook for one is something I haven't done much of in ten 


I will also miss Sebastian's greeting when he would come to visit.  He would sit down, look gently and 

seriously at me and say, "So how is your day going today Grammy?"  Wow, it always  was a delight to 

have great conversations with him.  Subjects sometimes that I had to look up after he left the house.  

Like about the galaxy or some scientific discovery or other things that this eleven year old knew all 

about but I didn't especially computer related!

Then Matilda loved to get the big old quilt out of the closet and spread it out on the grass in the garden 

where we would have picnics and conversations and fun.  

And so, it will be quiet here for a while as adjustment sets in.  I tell myself that I lived here for eleven 

years alone before they came.  I will adjust.  It will be easier when all of us have been vaccinated in the 

next month or so.  Then, with great caution and still masked, we can at least get out a bit more to visit

at outdoor venues and socially distanced.

Now that all the systems are in place to have so many things delivered to the house, life is truly simpler.

Who knows what awaits me "down the road"?  Stay tuned...........


Steve Cotton said...

Time for another chapter of adventures.

Anonymous said...

Oh Barbara. What an enormous adjustment for all of you. Exciting for them and I feel your brave face. Heck I cried the other night when telling the boys goodbye when they left to go home to Monterrey. I can only imagine the void this leaves in your life. Yes, we must all get vaccinated and then carefully resume at least some of our "business as usual" activities.

Gracias a Dios they've arrived safely in Colorado. There will be so many "firsts" they'll hardly have time to miss Mexico. Yet they will, because Grammy is here, that's their void. I see lots of Zoom time ahead. Once again you'll be able to visit and travel at some point. What a difference this dastardly virus has made in so many lives. Bless you all.

Barbara Lane

Jvineyard said...

Oh my goodness. You are so brave. And what a wonderful adventure for those two special kids. What an adventure for everyone. They will miss you. Grandmothers are so special. And thankfully, there is technology to cross the divide. Hugs

Babs said...

Thanks Steve, Barbara and Judy. I have had time to adjust to the idea as it has been in the works for about six months. I know it is what is best for all of them so I am truly happy for their next chapter of life.

It had to happen sooner or later as it relates to schooling so better to make the move now, I guess.

With two grandmothers in San Miguel, I feel sure they will return at some point or we grandmothers will be traveling north sooner or later.

Peter and Shelagh said...

That will be a big change. You always handle everything with grace and confidence. This will be no different. Cheers from sunny Vancouver Island, Shelagh

Babs said...

Hi Shelagh! Great to hear from ya'll. Yes, it will be a big change but my life has always had changes and challenges. This one is a good one for John and the children.

Hope so much our paths cross again some day when there are no quarantines, festivities are happening again and life is easier..........

Do stay in touch!

Mr. Bill said...

Still enjoying your blog adventures!! Will be arriving 09/26/21 for a week. Haven't chosen our lodging yet but on the search in el Centro. BTW.....where do you locals buy weekly grocery? La Comer appears to be a good choice!

Scott said...

So they are off!

Schools will be one thing to adjust to for the kids in Colorado, but the Winters will be even bigger to get used to. Once they get past those hurdles I'm sure they will learn to love it there. I'm watching a short series on Amazon, called "Heart of the World", which features the Colorado's national parks and such. Amazing diversity and landscapes. I've only been there a few times but it is a spectacular state.

Hope you have found out good things for getting vaccine shots when you get to TX. I had my first this past Saturday and get the next April 3. Even though the Governor has opened things up (prematurely in my opinion), I will still be careful for the next few months.

Anonymous said...

How that man John got outta Mexico without remarrying, is unbelievable.ūü§£
Beautiful people. You all are a great tribe. said...

Vaccinations and the freedom to move about again make a huge difference. Your strong network of friends in San Miguel de Allende will be there to help with the adjustment. Best wishes.

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