Saturday, February 13, 2021

What More Is There To Say?



R. P. said...

Hola friend! Thank you for living this credo. Saludos, R & C

Anonymous said...

I love it! Thank you, and hope all remains well in your neck of the woods. Looking forward to our lunch when we're vaccinated and we can begin to move on from this craziness.

Barbara Lane

Dan said...

Drink more whisky, stir more cocktails? I’ll drink to that! Cheers, and All the Best!

Babs said...

Hi R.P. Hope ya'll have a wonderful Valentine's day together!
Hoping to see both of your faces back here before this year ends.

Thought this little poster from the website, Bitter Southerner
was a delight. Truly What more is there to say? ha.

Babs said...

Barbara, Thanks for commenting.
I truly long for the day when we can enjoy lunch together
and talk for hours without worrying about anything.

I realize more and more each day how many things we have
had to learn to do without. One being friends and conversation
in person. Time without worry. Spontaneity and just being out
in the area without concerns.

I bet we will never take those things for granted again!


Babs said...

Hi Dan - I haven't had whiskey or a cocktail throughout all this mess. Drinking depresses my mood so I figure I don't need that, ha.

But, when this is over (it will be won't it?) I want to go put my feet in the sand, sit under a palapa while looking out at the ocean and drink pina coladas. I'm holding on to that thought for sure.

Hope all is well with you and yours. Miss seeing you in SMA!!!!

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