Monday, June 24, 2019

Rainy Days and Sundays

 Even though we had rain on May 3rd this year, it was not "officially" the rainy season as yet.  Usually that starts around the second week of June. 

What is so funny about this is that when I lived in hot, humid and tropical Houston, rain was ever present.  The only thing we thought about it was "Gosh I hope it doesn't flood!"  Which it did often since Houston is on flat land with drainage issues since as long as I can remember.  Last year Hurricane Harvey was a slam dunk for the whole city. It was horrible.

Luckily here in San Miguel, since we are definitely in a hilly and mountainous area, when it rains, it goes downhill in a torrent.  Well, it always did in the past, but now since I've moved off the top of the hill overlooking the canyon, it will be interesting to see if the gently sloping streets in Los Frailes slope enough to carry the water to the huge reservoir at the bottom of this area. 

So far so good!  Once it starts raining, we typically get rain about 5:15 every night and it either rains for a couple of hours, or sometimes all night.  It is lovely. It is lovely because as in this year, we had
not had rain since September 26th of last year!  Hard to believe, isn't it? 

The above photo was taken around the 10th of June or so.  Since then we have had numerous rains.

More then amazing is the fact that none of that rain has entered this house.  Holy moly, up on the hill, the amount of rain was determined by the number of towels that went on windowsills, doorways and anywhere else that sprung a leak.  It is a joy now.  Believe me, at the beginning of the first few rains, I automatically walked around checking windows, doors, skylights.  Nothing, nada.  A great relief to put it mildly.
 With the rain come the blossoms.  The flamboyant tree is aptly named.  This clump of blooms is a joy to behold.  In the morning I have seen as many as seven hummingbirds going from bloom to bloom.  Then around 2PM in the afternoon, all kinds of butterflies come and go bloom to bloom.
I find that fascinating........
Inbetween the rain storms, friends and I ventured to El Vergel last weekend to hear jazz and have delicious food.  With a slight French flair, nothing I have ever had at this place in the campo has not
been superb. 
 Dining outside, sometimes under cover, if necessary is lovely as the big old trees give off a delicious feeling of permanence and beauty.   The trees remind me of all the big Texas oaks that are a joy to behold when I'm in Texas.  These particular trees are old growth for sure.

I like to arrive a little before the music begins as it gives me time to get to a table and be out of the way when everyone starts arriving.  I'm moving much slower nowadays, so I don't want to be rushed
or be in someone's way.  Even though everyone is so so gracious here in San Miguel.  It is not unusual for someone to walk up and offer their arm to assist me up a curb or stairs or whatever.

Anyway, the food and the delightful jazz of Azande Drummin Cummings trio, makes it a memorable evening each and every time.  This time I had the trout almondine with fresh vegetables and my friends split a very large steak with a beet salad and other vegetables.  No meal is complete without dessert........mine, creme brulee. 
Last night the thunder began at 5:15 and went on and on and then a major downpour
for about an hour or so.  The sky from my bedroom window took on a lovely mauve
 It became more intense and then............
THIS was the final photo at about 8:30PM.  The surrounding environment had this amazing hue of pink.  What a lovely end to a perfect day and weekend.

Viva Mexico!


Barbara Lane said...

I don't know what's more delicious - the rain or the evening light when it's stormy. No matter - I love it all!

Glenn Wilson said...

"More then amazing is the fact that none of that rain has entered this house. Holy moly, up on the hill, the amount of rain was determined by the number of towels that went on windowsills, doorways and anywhere else that sprung a leak."

Ha! We did some successful waterproofing last year on our casa. But, looks like it needs a little touching up. There is a spot where we added some flashing and caulk. I suspect the caulk will need attention every year. We have started to get used to a little water in the house is not a big deal. Cement and tile holds up to water much better than drywall and wood floors.

Hey, I know that guy! Azande is a friend and neighbor. After buying our house, but before it was ready to live in, we stayed with Azande and his wife (AirBnB). We picked their place because it was near our place. We got to hear Azande practicing that week and have been out to El Vergel several times. A lovely spot and, of course, great music!

Babs said...

I am the Silicone Queen. Every window in that house (and there were many) every door frame was siliconed or rubber flashing was used or whatever. To no avail. The houses here shift from year to year so yes, it is an every year thing especially with older houses built on top of boulders........
The cascadas (waterfalls) from the third floor door, down the stairs to the first floor was always an interesting and dangerous sight!
Great to hear you have such a great neighbor. That compares to my having John Davidson, the singer and TV host as a neighbor for close to two years. He used to practice in the garden......what a lovely experience.

Babs said...

Me too Barbara Lane. Last night and a night last week that was golden was quite a treat.

Gilda Valdez Carbonaro said...

Your post reminds me I'll be in San Miguel soon in the month of the rains which I also love. There is nothing more lovely than the comfort of sleeping safe and dry with the sound of rain and thunder just beyond your window. I look forward to meeting up with you when I get back in July

Retired Teacher said...

Glad you are enjoying the rain, because I am sick of it. Here in Ohio for the month of June we have had three times the normal rainfall, and my backyard is a mosquito-breeding swamp. Just when the standing water begins to evaporate another rain comes. This year has been disastrous for the farmers who have been unable to plant their fields. I would not be surprised that if this rainy spell ever stops we will then go in the other direction and suffer a drought.

Babs said...

Oh Bill, I'm so sorry you are being "swamped" with rain. Probably by late August I'll be lamenting the rain but right now each and every drop is more then welcome. I know you had a mission to get all your flower beds done. I hope, between the rain drops, you were able to accomplish your heart's desire.

Gilda, so looking forward to our finally meeting in July! It is absolutely lovely here now.

Gloria Brown said...
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Gloria Brown said...

We live in La Lejona and have a hummingbird haven in our back yard. I go thru 2 1/2 to 3 gallons of hummingbird food everyday. We would love to have you come sit in our jardin and watch the hummers. It is amazing.

Babs said...

Good morning Gloria. Thanks for your kind offer to come to your house. I have friends who have hummingbird feeders with sugar water as well. It is a startling
sight to be sure.

I have never put up feeders but prefer to plant flowers that attract and feed the hummers. My son, a wildlife biologist had cautioned me on the feeders so I have
never used them.

The same with butterflies. I have small pools of fresh water on the property for them as they seem to need that in their migrations.

Nature is amazing, isn't it? Thanks for commenting.

Anonymous said...
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