Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Romantic and Historical Villa Glenville - San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

This magnificent villa located on over an acre of land right in the Centro of San Miguel, is truly a place that one would think only the "rich and famous" could be accomodated.

However, that is not the case!  The owners, who have been friends of mine for over thirty years,
have decided to discount the house and grounds until November of 2019.  An unheard of thing
to have happen.

To see photos, please go to  You can also  Google Villa Glenville to see extensive photos. 

I apologize for the fact that you have to go somewhere else to see the photos, but somehow the ones that were sent by the owners cannot be opened by me to put on this post. 

Believe me, it is worth seeing the exquisite gardens, pools, pool house, main house and all the accomodations.

The villa was originally owned by Peter Glenville  who passed in 1996 at age 82.  Peter was an English film and stage actor. Plus an accomplished Film and Stage Director who worked with the
"Who's who" of stage and screen during his most illustrious period.  Google him to read about his
amazing accomplishments and career.  The home was acquired directly from him by the current owners.

The house is four bedrooms and five baths.  Renowned people have stayed here in the past but now it is your opportunity to enjoy the grand lifestyle. It has been kept in pristine condition with many upgrades appropriate to the architecture and decor.

There is a full staff for your stay and many other amenities that you will discover when you go to look at the photos.

IF you are interested, please contact one of the owners, Dennis at
Please let him know that you read about it on this post so the discounts will apply to you.

Hope you come to San Miguel de Allende and stay at Villa Glenville.  It will be a magnificent time and wonderful memory.


crynoutloud said...

Hey Babs,
Kinda not surprised to see no comments since most of your readers fainted like me after seeing the 15000k a month price on the villa. he-he.That is so far over my head, I got whiplash from looking up.

Babs said...

Ahh, yes, it seems like a lot, but, for instance, if four couples went together for a month, it would be less expensive then a pricey hotel in SMA!

Believe it or not, I have had two serious inquiries from friends that one is thinking of it for their 50th Wedding Anniversary and another is thinking of it for a Women's Yoga Retreat for celebrities.

It is a "one of a kind" property. Each time I have been there for brunch or an evening party, I marvel at the beauty wherever I look.

Sorry about your "whiplash", tee hee.