Monday, May 01, 2017

Surreal and Sensational Sunsets

 Now that Semana Santa (Easter) is over in San Miguel, there is more time to enjoy nature and the calm and tranquil existence that we live here. 

Each night, lately, at about 8PM the show begins.  Of course, no two sunsets are alike.  But the ones that
have been descending upon us have been totally breathtaking.

Since the wall of windows in my living room face West, it is a sight that I treasure.  I'm either witnessing the
sunsets from that room or up on the roof terrace.  It is worth the hike up the stairs to sit in wonder to see
what the skies provide.
 Sometimes the color is so intense, as in the photo above, that you cannot see the ridge of the mountains in the distance.
This photo taken from up on the roof reflects the pink sky in the reservoir down in the canyon.  Shortly before I took this photo, a huge flock of white ibis flew in formation from up in the Botanical Gardens back to the reservoir on the other side of town.  They are so prompt that you can almost set your watch by their flying each morning to the Botanical Gardens and then back in the evening.  It is so quiet up here at that time of the day that you can hear their wings, if you listen closely.

It is so amazing to experience all this beauty, almost on a daily basis.  This morning I was sitting drinking my coffee up on the roof terrace when a female Vermillion Flycatcher with a piece of stick in her mouth flew right under the roof covering and landed on the string of lights that hang up there - about three feet from where I was sitting.  She obviously did not see me for a few seconds, then she looked at me, dropped the stick and went to the jacaranda tree.  I almost wanted to apologize to her for being up there and startling her.

Life truly IS about the little things - don't you agree?


Steve Cotton said...

The little things always put the supposed big things in context. The trick is remembering that.

Babs said...


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Such a beautiful spot. The sunsets are indeed amazing from your vantage point. Enjoy every moment...

Retired Teacher said...

Beautiful photos, Barbara!