Thursday, April 20, 2017

On a Roll!

 We've been on a roll up here on the hill!  Getting ready for Easter.  Looking for Easter basket stuff - baking, cooking and getting ready for a family affair.

Easter has always been a special holiday for my family.  We, for years, would rent a beach house in Galveston, have fun dyeing eggs, cooking and having lots of people to share that time with each year.

It has been trimmed back now.  It's not in Galveston, but here in San Miguel.  Since Mati and Sebastian
have never had Easter in Galveston, they are happy with the egg dyeing and cooking and baking here in San Miguel. The family in Houston has great memories.

This year everything was a bit different.  Since Easter came so late, it coincided with Spring Break.  The kids spent a week with their Dad in CDMX (Mexico City) and were not here for the prelude of dyeing eggs, baking or cooking.  Grammy got to do it all.  For Grammy it sure was not as much fun!

An Easter bunny named Dennis brought things for the baskets from Houston, as there is nary a thing to be found in San Miguel with the exception of special eggs made out of spun sugar with scenes inside.  Remember those from your childhood?

Prior to Easter morning, I was informed that Seb had informed his Dad that he no longer believed in the Easter bunny but sure hoped he would get an Easter basket anyway.  Of course, the person who hid the baskets and eggs made sure that the baskets would be really hard to find.  A perverse sense of humor, I guess.

Of course, as the kids came through the gate, it was like a human tsunami.  Matilda had a system that she wanted us to follow where we stood in line, filled out a form in order to get a ticket to participate in the Easter Egg hunt and finally got the ticket.  Sebastian was apoplectic. He had already scoped out a half dozen eggs that he had already spotted.  BUT, we all patiently waited and then the race was on.

It wasn't til later that I realized that Seb went for the plastic eggs because he knew they would have something inside - preferably a coin!  Matilda went for the hand dyed eggs.  This year I had carefully counted how many eggs had been hidden so the fiasco of last year, when we did not find all the eggs, would not reoccur.  It did not.

The squeals of delight each time they found an egg and then the real squeals when they found their Easter baskets was enough to warm the cockles of everyone's heart.

These kids are getting so big!  If you look at the little photo at the top of the blog that was taken five years ago, you can see for yourself that it is quite possible that both kids will not be able to fit in my lap by next year.  They barely did this year!  (Thanks Carmen for this photo)

What fun!  The kids went home with their baskets, plastic and real eggs, tons of goodies in their basket and
leftover food from the Easter dinner.

Grammy (me) sat and relished the silence for a while afterwards.  As the tsunami of humanity drove away.


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

All children should have a grammy like you Babs!

Babs said...

Oh thanks Peter - I'm blessed to have all of them! They enrich my life a lot.

BTW, the guest house leased yesterday til June 2018 to a lovely Canadian couple
from Ontario.

Mary said...

I have been reading your bl G for several years. Finally I am coming to SMA. Please recommend a hotel close to the jardin.

Babs said...

Mary, I have not stayed in hotels right on the jardin, so I'm not a good source.

But, there is a website, that gives you a list of each property in SMA, location and price. That would be a good source for you to make
a personal selection.

Good luck in your search.