Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Lovely House for Rent in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico (HOUSE IS LEASED)

 A very unusual event has occurred.  The house in San Miguel was posted in a previous blog post on
April 6th and had no inquiries!  Over 700 people looked at the post.  I am befuddled as to why no one
has leased the house.  The date of occupancy now has been extended to the earliest being June 15th or
July 1st for a one year lease.   This is a full house - not an apartment.  Highly unusual at the rental rate.
 Extensive gardens and views to enjoy.  Plenty of outdoor space as well as light and airy indoor space.

The living room/dining room/kitchen is an open concept space as can be seen in these photos.  The suede covered sofa is a queen sleeper sofa.  The coffee table in front of the sofa is on wheels which makes it easy
to move if one has guests.
 The house includes landline phone, 120 channel satellite TV with all your favorite stations, including two PBS stations!  Wifi is included as is all utilities - electricity, gas, water and maid service once a week.  It is yours to come and enjoy all the wondrous adventures, great restaurants and joyful life of San Miguel while having a quiet, tranquil house to live in.

                        Another view of the living room looking out toward the gardens and seating area.
 This photo was taken from the stairwell going to the second floor where the bedroom and bathroom are located.
 As you can see, there is access to the outside on each floor.  This delightful French balcony off of the bedroom is a perfect escape to watch the birds, enjoy the views while reading a book or drinking a good cup of coffee or whatever.

 The extremely comfortable bed is a queen size.  The bedroom is 16 x 20 ft. so it has plenty of room to act as a home office or small den/seating area as well.
 Plenty of closet and storage space for all that you choose to bring with you.
 The bathroom has a good size shower and window to let in a breeze and sunshine.
 On the roof terrace on the third floor are exquisite views of the canyon, the horizons and the mountains in
the distance.  Large old trees fill the garden areas. 

Located a ten minute walk or five minute taxi ride from the house, it feels as though you are in the country when, in fact, you are in the middle of the town!

The house rents for $850.00USD inclusive of everything except your bottled water and your laundry which is picked up and returned within a day, fluffy and clean.  Priced below market, this house is a place you'll
love and not want to leave.

To secure the house, the first and last month rent is required along with a security deposit of $850.00USD.

Come live la vida loca in San Miguel de Allende!  I'll be waiting to hear from you and meet you.

Gracias for taking time to read this.


Unknown said...

Perhaps as it is just a one bedroom, it holds limited interest though it is lovely.Best of luck

Anonymous said...

You seem to have had a run of tenants who stayed less time than expected. I hope you get it rented soon to someone nice. Sorry it can't be me. I'm already renting some place in Mexico I can't use.


Kim G
Redding, CA
Where we are still taking care of mom.

Babs said...

Thank you Matthew for your observation. That is a possibility, however, I've been leasing this house for 17 years and it usually rents in a few days or at most a week after posting it on Craigslist or this blog.

Since the master bedroom is the size of 2 bedrooms - it is 16x20 - many have creatively created several spaces in that room for additional activities such as a writer who lived here for quite a while, an artist and a shop owner.

Kim, I'm so sorry that you are still in Redding and not here in Mexico! Goodness, hopefully you will be back in the near future. But, kudos to you for being there
for your MOM. She is a blessed lady to have you with her.

Rick said...

You could Airbnb the house for $125 per night. That would yield $3750 per month:0. Just a thought - lots more work but also keeps it available for friends and relatives on and off.
Also, it is not uncommon that people don't want to commit to a lease in uncertain times. Short term like 30 day rentals can get someone acclimated and they might stay for years.

Steve Cotton said...

I would gladly take it for the month of August if you would be wiling to do that.

Steve Cotton said...

As you know, I love the place.

Babs said...

Rick, my son has suggested that, but, well we'll see. I guess it is "uncertain times" in the USA. I had not thought of that. I've done short term rentals in the past as well. It may come to that......I'm really looking for someone like all the other tenants that have stayed for years!

Steve, I've already thought of you and you know I would love to have you here for
August or longer. Let's see what happens. I'm getting quite a bit of response from the listing on Craigslist - I had not put it on there in a long time.

Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Having been here ourselves we can attest to the fact that this is a lovely place. I agree that a shorter term might stir up more interest. Good luck Barbara, we hope you'll find someone soon...

Babs said...

Thanks Peter! Would you and Shelagh be interested in six months, from November through April? I would LOVE to have ya'll back here and if you wanted to do that
then I would fill the other months - July, Sept, October, with monthly renters!

Your thoughts?

Unknown said...

I just gave the info to some very nice neighbours, they will contact you. 😀

Babs said...

Mil gracias Carole Clement!

Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Hi Barbara,

Mexico is a big place and next winter we will be back, but not to San Miguel. We sure loved it there and especially your beautiful place, but the coast becons this time. Maybe Carole will fill the void for you. Best to you and good tenant hunting...

Babs said...

Thanks Peter - just wanted to give you the option. Who is Carole?

Happy trails.

Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Barbara... Look three comments up.

Unknown said...
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