Monday, February 02, 2015

The Photo of the Day - Candlemas

You have to be watching to discover the subtle things that go on in a village.  Just because I knew today was the day that the Baby Jesus is taken to the churches to be blessed before being stored til the next Christmas season, I was watching........I was hoping.

My hopes were successful when I spotted a woman walking down the middle of Reloj heading to one of the dozen or so churches in San Miguel to have her Baby Jesus blessed.

Approaching her I asked if I could photograph the basket and she agreed.  Then I asked if I could photograph her with the basket and she said no.  So I quickly snapped the photo and didn't even
check to see if it was a good photo or not.

When I downloaded this photo a few minutes ago, this is what I got!  I knew there were two Baby Jesus.

What I didn't know was that I photographed the old woman who sits on the stoop almost daily.  The juxtaposition of the woman and the baby tugs at my heart more then I can put into words.

IF I had not been watching for a baby, I would never have seen this.............what a gift!


Barbara Lane said...

Beautiful! The photo, the Baby Jesus, the old woman in the doorway. What a gift is right! To all of us now that you've shared. Gracias!

norm said...

A good one it is.

living.boondockingmexico said...

I like that when people ask before taking a photo. Too bad she didn't agree though. Great pic of the baby! Wish I were there!

Steve Cotton said...

My best photographs are of subjects I never intended to shoot. This one is great.

Babs said...

Thanks everyone - I thought the juxtaposition was amazing. I like little surprises like this.

Boondocking - It is COLD here too!
When will you be down this way?

Unknown said...
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