Sunday, February 22, 2015

Nectar...........a.wonderfully delicious dining experience.

On Friday, for lunch, a group of us gathered at Nectar on Correo, inside Camino Silvestre'.  After having had lunch there the week before and been duly impressed, when everyone wanted to know where to go,
I suggested Nectar.  It is in a little courtyard with hummingbirds zipping from hummingbird feeder to hummingbird feeder.  Quite an enchanting experience.  Camino Silvestre' sells decorative hummingbird feeders worldwide, wholesale and retail.

Not only was the food delicious, but the friends and conversation were magnificent.
 Here is the Nectar salad with goat cheese along with carrot soup with ginger and slivered almonds.  Oh my.
                             A salmon sandwich with seasoned new potatoes on delicious bread. To  drink all                                                           kinds of  flavored teas or traditional drinks.
                                                                   Seasoned tomato soup.

Identifying left to right, Angie, who has lived in San Miguel for 20 years.  She came from Haiti prior to that and is an artist of international repute.   Jennifer who now lives in Seoul, South Korea but still owns a house here in San Miguel.  Carolyn who has a place here, but also a home in Nashville, Tenn where she comes from.  Carolyn had an antique mall in Nashville for a very long time.  Here in San Miguel she handles estate sales and just enjoys life.  Lastly is me with that happy and grateful expression to be part of the group.

Conversation centered around Jennifer as she left on Saturday to return to Seoul.  It was fascinating to hear about South Korea, their customs, culture, business climate and the fact that there are 25 million people in Seoul!  Who knew?  Prior to being involved with a treaty group of 38 countries in Seoul, Jennifer was in Mongolia with Mercy Corp.  As we all sat and talked, it occurred to me that at Jennifer's age, 52, the life experiences and opportunities she has experienced would not have been imaginable to my generation in the 60's or 70's.  How wonderful that she is having these amazing career opportunities and life experiences.

In addition, the fact that I know so many interesting, intriguing people here in San Miguel certainly livens up
my life.  What a life!


Rick said...

There you go again with an absolutely wonderful experience. You are using up your quota :)

It's amazing how many interesting people are in your little town.

I walked past this store every day but had no idea they served food. Next visit I will have lunch with the hummingbirds.

Babs said...

Rick, it is a breathtakingly beautiful and delicious experience.
That carrot soup is like fruit of the gods.........The menu is very, very interesting.

Unknown said...

So glad you enjoyed Nectar the first time and returned for another visit -- it's my favorite corner eatery!

Babs said...

Janet, it is totally my favorite place in SMA. Everyone enjoyed it that was with me as well. How could they not? Great food, wonderful ambiance and hummingbirds.
Woo hoo.

Jvineyard said...

Appropos of your comment, I was invited to lunch with 5 other ladies and we discovered that 3 of us were teachers and 3 of us were nurses, all now retired and of a certain age. Those were the typical choices back In the day. Viva la diferencia. J

Babs said...

Indeed, my oldest sister was a teacher and I started out in that but quickly changed.

I luckily was raised by parents who raised me as a person, not a girl. It was the greatest gift. I always was in male dominated industries where I climbed the ladder rapidly.
Aviation, defense contracting and finally my own companies.

Lain T said...

I enjoy reading you posts. San Miguel sounds like a wonderful place to retire. I am wondering if you have a time this summer or fall when you guest house might be available to rent. I am about 2 years form retiring and all my vacation time will be spent investigating areas in Mexico. San Miguel is first on the list. Thanks, Lain

Babs said...

Hi Lain T - The guest house will be available the first of June. The current tenant will be leaving the 15th of May and I want to do some
"fix-up"like painting, etc. before the next tenant moves in.
What length of time are you thinking of? And when?
I'm glad you've enjoyed the blog. I enjoy writing it and hearing from people such as yourself!

Lain T said...

It would probably be over the 4th of July, if it is available. Arriving on the arriving on the 3rd and leaving on the 10th. Not a long stay, but a chance to start looking around. If you have a new long term tennant, I can certainly look around for hotels is the Jardin area. Thanks lain

Babs said...

Lain, you'll need to look for a b&b or house to rent. Mine is typically a long term rental of a year or more. Right now I'm renting to someone for four months as a favor.

There is VRBO and is another good site.

Happy trails.

Lain T said...

Thanks for the advice. I will check VRBO. And keeping reading your posts.

Babs said...

Thanks Lain....glad you enjoy reading the blog!

Anonymous said...

Babs. as you can probably tell by my blog name, I look for good cheap food wherever I am going. Do you have any suggestions for when we visit?