Monday, September 02, 2013

It Happened AGAIN Today!

After meeting with the Koffee Klatch Group on Mondays @ 11, I usually finish up there and saunter the short distance to the jardin to get in a little "bench" time.

It is still one of my most favorite things to do.

I never know what is going to happen.  Today the resident jardin dog came over, laid down and rested his head on my foot.  Oh my, its a good thing eventually he moved on because I actually wondered how Velcro would react if a four legged creature came to live here that was bigger then she.

Then, while talking to my friend Angie, a woman walked up and asked if I was Babs.  I admitted it.

She is Darlene who is from Houston and reads the blog. I love when readers stop to talk to me.
After all, ya'll all know about me.  I know almost nothing about 99% of you.

Darlene told me they are moving to San Miguel in about a year and a half.  How cool!  I would have liked to find out more but she seemed to have somewhere to go or do.

After sitting on the bench for as many years as I have, you begin to notice rhythms.  Those who don't live here full time walk and move faster then those of us who do live here full time.

Sooner or later, if they're lucky, they'll learn there is nothing more important or more fun then sitting on the bench and experiencing the "discovery zone".
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Anonymous said...

There you are. Famous San Miguel Blogger, now a fixture in El Jardín, beloved of man and dog alike.

I'm glad I'm one of your one-percenters.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where the only people who seem to hang out in squares are skateboarders and tourists. I'm happy to see the skateboarders, even if others aren't.

Babs said...

I'm glad you're part of the 1% too.
No skateboarders allowed in the jardin here, but tourists are, obviously!

Christine said...

nice picture--I like the shadows on the leaves. Gives the picture an unseen dimension.

Babs said...

Thanks Christine - I too like the shadows on the coleus.

Life's a Beach! said...

Babs, I was looking at barstools on Tres Amigos website. They're a furniture store in Tucson that sells rustic Mexican. I noticed they had a blog and decided to click on it. Lo and behold, Babs in San Miguel is listed on their side bar!
I'd love to sit in the jardin in San Miguel with you.

Babs said...

Beck, I would like nothing better then to meet you in the jardin or at the beach or wherever.

Thanks for the info on Tres Amigos!
I just sent them a thank you note and asked if I know them from my wanderings in Guadalajara or Tucson.
What a nice surprise!

This blog is amazing!

Shannon said...

How wonderful that your readers recognize you and stop to talk! I hope that happens to me someday too, although I don't know how many are here in San Miguel.

That's a beautiful healthy colius at the the top of the post. Is it in el jardin or in your garden?

Babs said...

Hi Shannon - I'm sure it will happen to you also.
I'm so astonished each time someone does stop to introduce themselves to me that I'm not very coherent. Ha.

Yes, the coleus is in my garden. I have tons of all kinds if you want some. You probably know you can propagate just from a stem!
Let me know if you want some.....