Wednesday, September 04, 2013

New Sights in San Miguel

While the USA, and parts of Mexico too, are busy putting up displays of Halloween and Christmas decorations in their stores, the displays of Mexican flags and paraphernalia show up on street corners all over town to prepare for one of the biggest celebrations annually in Mexico.  Independence Day on September 16th.

People display flags above their homes, on the hood of their cars, on the roof of their cars, on the front of the buses or the back.  Well you get it - anywhere and everywhere.

Having only lived in the USA all my life, I thought Americans were the only ones with pride in their country but I have to tell you, I see just as much in this country.

I need a new Mexican flag this year.  My other one was shredded by the winds!

The interesting thing about the above display is that in all previous years it was at the corner of the glorieta on a gravel parking lot. 

The gravel parking lot is no more and now the display is exactly where it has been for the last ten years, however now it is perched in front of a new Auto Zone store!

The town is growing.  Especially on the outskirts.

This statue and pedestal at the glorieta is new as well.  It was installed by the
new administration who took office last December. 

In the past it was definitely not eye-catching.  It was just a bunch of sculptures with out plantings or a water feature.  Just something for traffic to circle around on the glorieta.  A glorieta is a round-about which save us from having to have street lights.

This isn't a great photo.  You can't see all the mass plantings or the gleaming sun off the statue.
I promise, if and when the sun comes out again, I'll get much better photographs.

Of course, no matter how hard I tried to get a photo without a taxi in it, it was not possible.
This one snuck in when I wasn't looking!  It too is a sybol of Mexico.

Viva Mexico!
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Anonymous said...

F and I spent El Día de la Independencia of El Bicentenario in DF's Zócalo with Gary Denness, Mrs. P, and F's sister. THAT was an amazing show.

¡Viva México!


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where they read the Declaration of Independence from the balcony of the Old State House (from where Britain ruled the Massachusetts Bay Colony) every Independence day.

Steve Cotton said...

I may miss the Independence sales, but I will be there for The Day.

calypso said...

Same story over here in Xico, Veracruz. a VERY PATRIOTIC LOT. Lots of flags and fireworks. Proud to be a Mexican!

Babs said...

Usually the Governor of Guanajuato reads El Grito on the 15th at night from the balcony of Allende's house!
It is more then shoulder to shoulder in the jardin.
Luckily, Steve, the only sales are of flags and stuff - nothing like the USA with their sales of cars and refrigerators etc for the 4th of July sales.
My sentiments exactly Calypso. It's wonderful to see and experience.

Anonymous said...

Well, here I am stuck in Northern California, but I love watching the September 16th celebrations on Univision, our best Mexican TV channel; the excitement and spirit comes right through the TV set. I might spend a Saturday in the San Francisco Mission District to get a little closer to the Mexican action!
Que Viva Mexico!

Babs said...

Ahh but Angelinem, if you can't be in SMA, San Francisco is SO wonderful. One of my favorite places on earth......
Maybe we should exchange homes?

Anonymous said...

I'm about an hour away in the East Bay. 30 minutes to rapid transit (BART) to get into the City. Hopefully this will change in about a year's time to move in way closer :)
Let me know if you come to the Bay Area, I'd love to meet you. And of course, our home is always open to you.

Babs said...

You are blessed to be in Northern California! I know the East Bay and a lot of the wine country area. How kind of you to want to meet.....I WILL be going through California in October in a restored Pullman train, but won't be stopping.....just enjoying the views from LA to Seattle and back.
Some day..........I'll get back, maybe