Sunday, September 01, 2013

A Brighter, More Colorful World!

In the last couple of months I've had to change out my monitor a couple of times when the screen went black and never would come back on.

From various friends and family, we've had old backups to use.  Two days ago the one that I connected about four weeks ago "bit the dust".

I wondered if it was my relatively new computer or that the monitors were on their last tube or whatever makes them work.

Today I didn't "bite the dust" but "bit the bullet" and bought a brand new Samsung monitor at Office Depot.

The first thing I noticed was how light it is in comparison to the previous one which was so old and heavy I could hardly carry from the car, down the stairs and hoist onto the table.

This new one I could carry under one arm!

Believe it or not, it had way less cables to hook up and I managed to do it in record speed.
If there is ever a career for monitor "hooker uppers", I can now qualify. 

When I turned it on and saw the color, I couldn't believe my eyes.  So sharp.  So bright.
Could it be that this LED monitor is like the new TV's?  I'm astonished.

In fact I sat here for quite a while once it was all connected and turned on to look at the photos that scan by from my Picasa file.

It's a whole new brighter, more colorful world. 

Who knew?

Now there is a DVD to play.  My computer came on and said it couldn't play Windows Media Player.
So, there may be all kinds of other things this monitor does that I will never know about unless I get the computer guru over here to show me.

Who knows?

Stay tuned.  I'll let you know if I find more great things with this new monitor.
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Unknown said...

Good deal! However I don't think one should aspire to qualify for anything with "hooker" in the title. ;)


Babs said...

Ha, I wondered if anyone would catch that!

Ron Stephens said...

Being a retired (hopefully) hooker would require that "heart of gold", and there might be a problem with that....

Babs said...

Indeed Ronnie Ray....

Paul said...

You can download a free program called VLC player that can play any type video file you have. Just Google VLC.

Babs said...

Thanks Paul, I'll check that out!

Anonymous said...

The photo up top is beautiful!
Those new monitors are something else, and can even serve as a TV if the screen size is adequate. I'm impressed with your hooker upish abilities.

Babs said...

Thanks Angelinem! Me too........