Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Teeny, Tiny Wonders

After it rains, I like to stroll the garden and see what is blooming that had not been previously.
The photos here are tiny blooms on the bromeliads.  The first photo is kinda out of focus
and looks to me like some other worldly creature. 

Some bromeliads, even when focused, look other worldly to me.

I brought one or two plants from my garden in Houston when I moved down to San Miguel.
I must have at least 25 plants now, maybe more.  I'm really surprised that they do so well
in this climate.  I don't do a single thing to them.  They do prefer mostly shade as in the jungles where they are from they are usually attached to a tree under the branches.

They don't even need soil!  Although I do use soil, mostly to keep the plant in place.
Their blooms are exquisite and long lasting.  Even if they are, in this case, teeny tiny.

Anyone want some bromeliads?  Contact me.  I can spare a few.
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Shannon said...

Beautiful Barbara. I love bromeliads too, I bought a wonderfully bizarre one at Candelaria this year. I just transplanted it a couple of days ago and it's doing very well.

Steve Cotton said...

And here I was: waiting for a cool bug post.