Monday, July 15, 2013

Missing In Action

Action is the understatement of how busy life has been for the last week.  I'm sure a few of you
have noticed that I haven't posted in quite a few days.

Company arrived from Houston.  The race was on. 

Wednesday morning was Atotonilco.  Wednesday evening was listening to good music played by Billy Parker on the patio of La Brasserie while eating queso fundido with drinks.  Lovely evening.

Thursday was a day of running around doing all kinds of things - mail, banking, groceries.
People who have never been to San Miguel enjoy seeing some of these activities.

For the first time, I stopped up on the mirador (overlook) to photograph the town and to allow
my guest to do the same.  Great views!  It's interesting to see how compact the town actually is.

Thursday night was to be a BIG night.  Doc Severinsen at VC & Friends.  Expensive cover and meal required (400 pesos per person).  Unfortunately Doc wasn't feeling well and wasn't there.  GREAT disappointment.

Friday was time in centro on a walking tour along with dinner that evening at Hansen's.  It is one
of my new favorite places.  My friend had osso bucco.  A HUGE dish with risotto.  For the benefit of those who like the marrow in the bone (and you know who you are), they provide a little fork, just for that purpose.

Saturday was off to the organic market.  I usually go when it first opens and you can leisurely stroll.
Not when you get there at noon.  It was packed to the rafters.  It was difficult to see what was for sale.
Lines to purchase at some booths.  The produce, quiche, pastries, specialty cheeses and everything else were certainly tempting.  My total purchase - a dozen limes.

We walked down to the Instituto to see the huge mural of the history of San Miguel.  It is extremely detailed and interesting.  I have to confess, I've never stood for as long as I did on Saturday to look at all the details.  It's nice to have company and to see San Miguel from new eyes!

Photos from the back patio toward the Parroquia are always lovely.  The sky truly was that beautiful blue.

Now was a good time to stop at the Beer Company on our way to lunch to see and sample all the beers at this place I've heard so much about but had never been to before.  Beers from lots of different countries - even Cuba!  I'm not a beer drinker - I had limonada natural.

Jumping in a taxi for lunch we went to Longhorn BBQ.  Just needed my friend to know that we have Texas food in San Miguel too.  New things on the menu  -  sweet potato fries and onion rings. We sampled a few of each along with brisket, pulled pork and a brisket sandwich.

Saturday night, after our disappointment from Thursday we went to the Sautto Hotel for a Blues Festival.  Sadly, another big disappointment.  The people that were advertised were not there.  No one was introduced.  At one point I walked over to a man who looked like he was in charge or something and asked who was singing.  He was Chuy Sanchez.  I was told he is a "legend" in San Miguel.  Really? He was the only musician that played blues. Blues at least as I grew up hearing in South Louisiana.  A guy from San Luis Potosi called Los Betos performed, but it was more Mexican music then blues.
Not to be deterred, we walked to the jardin.  Everyone who visits anywhere in Mexico should go to the central plaza on a Saturday night to see how life is manifested.  THIS was not a disappointment.  I counted six different mariachi groups all around the jardin playing and serenading.  Families were strolling.  Kids were playing with balloons.  Teenagers were meeting up with friends.  A true multi-generational happening.

It was fun to see my friend's reaction to all the happiness, enjoyment and life at night in Mexico.

That brings me to Sunday.  I'll save that story for tomorrow..........

Viva Mexico!
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Ah...this is good. Friend made it SOB (south of the border). Enjoy!

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Thanks Kay and George........