Friday, November 23, 2012

EVERYTHING happens for a reason!

I have planned for months to head to Texas for the holidays.  I was scheduled to leave this past Monday.

After a phone call from my daughter in Texas with information on a change in their plans, I delayed my trip and intended to leave this morning.  Obviously I didn't!

I got a nasty cold on Monday or something and I'm hangin'on by a thread.  One must be psyched up to make that drive from here to there.  I'm not psyched - not one bit.

So, the decision was made yesterday evening to unpack the car, unpack the suitcases and stay put.

It's like the Universe is conspiring for me not to go to Texas.  I'm listening, just waiting to hear why I wasn't supposed to go.

The enjoyable part of this demise was that my son, John, and I went out for Thanksgiving dinner.  We were grateful that we could get dinner reservations at the last minute.

Delicious it was.  We enjoyed talking and visiting with lots of people we knew at this little private home that serves food on Sunday and holidays.

It was a good thing!

Hope your Thanksgiving was all that you hoped it would be.
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Steve Cotton said...

Sharing those moments with John may be the answer to your question. Happy Thanksgiving!

Shannon said...

Happy Thanksgiving Barbara. We also went out for a Thanksgiving turkey dinner. You sure don't see that in Patzcuaro. If you are staying here, you are very welcome to join us for Christmas. There will be turkey!

Babs said...

Thanks Shannon I know this is the first time in my life I've gone out for Thanksgiving and it was darn nice not to have been cooking allllll day.

Thanks for the Christmas invite. Very kind of you. Let me see what's happening by then.

Let's DO try to get together before then however. Let me know if you're going to Harry's some night and I'll meet ya!ll said...

I think the dinner is exactly why you are to stay put though I will miss your visit. Just both look happy and great.