Saturday, November 24, 2012

It's Not Hard to Spot a Tourist in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

These shoes were a tell tale sign.  I watched this woman crosss the cobble stoned, uneven, death defying street in these heels and was astonished that she made it across.  I do believe, however, that she was tip toeing sp as to not catch those heels in a crack between the stones.

Most of us here have forsaken sexy shoes for sturdy, safe flat shoes.  It's a survival instinct.  IF it is really important to look classy and sexy, we carry a large handbag with shoes stowed in the bag and slip them on as we exit the car or right before we go in the door.  Plenty of women do!

The other way, this time of the year to spot a tourist, is if they have on shorts.  And, usually they are Canadians!  They don't think our 30, 40, or 50 degree weather is cold at all.  We, on the otherhand, are in socks, long pants, sweaters and usually a jacket.

Last but not least tell tale sign, for me, is if they have on the straw hats that are sold in the jardin by roving vendors. 

It's fun to sit on the bench and watch all the shenanigans and the outfits.  Harmless fun.

We're happy to have the tourists all year long!
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Shannon said...

I agree about the shorts and straw hats (and I am Canadian), but there are some San Miguelenses that wear those incredible stilt-like shoes too!

Babs said...

It's obvious the tourists from Mexico City. They always have the Chanel or equally expensive handbags along with magnificent clothing.

I have seen local women in the stiletto heels, but not as overstated as these!

It's a miracle they can walk!

I'm the Mami said...

Babs beat ne to it, I see tons of those shoes all the time here in Mexico City. And I have seen three Americans in 11 months here...

Babs said...

Wow, Mami, I'll have to look at women's feet next time in Mexico City to see what they have on. I, will have on either my trust Merrill sandals or Merrill sneakers. No pain ever again!

I'm the Mami said...

Babs, i join you in the ranks of non high heel wearers :) i wear purely slip on flats or tennis shoes. As a 5'10 mama of two young children no WAY am I walking around in heels :)

Babs said...

Smart woman!