Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Stress free Existence

Life has not been stressfree for quite a while.  However, a few days ago after a discussion of a hidden bay on the Pacific Ocean known as Chacala, a good friend sent me a website for a Buddhist retreat center located in this tiny village.

I wrote about Chacala on May 20, 2008.  I had gone in search of it and was rewarded with an unblemished bay and very little development.  I've never forgotten it.

I was so surprised last week to hear of this Buddhist retreat.  A  place I would so like to be right now.
I immediately typed in the website and was rewarded by the sound of the ocean and birds.
Aaaaaaahhhh............  I've listened to it several times since.

My gift to you today is the website. You too, at this hectic time of year, can escape for as long as you want.  Listenng to  the website on your computer.     Enjoy!
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Marc Olson said...

Thanks, Babs. It sounds like a place to put on my to-visit list.

Steve Cotton said...

I cannot think of Chacala without fondly remembering Andee.

Shannon said...

WOW! That does look like a little slice of heaven.