Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hula hooping!

When I moved into this house eleven years ago, I wanted a yard for my dog Flash.  Flash loved running and playing in all the various areas of the garden but he died in 2004.  For a long time I just enjoyed the garden but didn't have many people out there.

 All of that has changed in the last year and a half as Matilda and Sebastian come to visit and to play.  I found these musical hula hoops a couple of weeks ago.  I knew the kids would enjoy them.  In the top photo, Sebastian is helping his Daddy assemble them.  Then the fun began.

 Plenty of room to twirl here.  It didn't take Matilda long to figure it out.  Sebastian tried once or twice but he prefers to take his dump truck to wear the white rocks are "in the jungle" as he calls it and play there. Digging.

Matilda found a pomegranate on the ground and in this photo is running to show me so we could open it and see what is inside.

Simple pleasures that I never take for granted.  I'm grateful each time I see them and get to hug and play with them.  A true miracle of life.
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Shannon said...

The hula hoops were a great find, since Matilda loves to dance so much!

Steve Cotton said...

That garden is a great place to enjoy life. And your grandkids certainly add life to it.

Benne' Rockett said...

lovely post!

Babs said...

Shannon - It is not easy to find inexpensive toys in Mexico! So, finding the hula hoops was a joy. They will be played with for a long time.

Thanks Steve. You witnessed it first hand!

Benne' - Thanks, I enjoy your posts immensely.