Monday, September 17, 2012

An 84th birthday!

How do you celebrate your birthday when yóu're turning 84?  You bake a cake.  Invite wacky friends.  Provide straw hats.  And, sit in all the men's laps!

My friend Dogie Lou, (you pronounce it like "get along little doggie)  from West Texas, the woman in the white shirt with the black scarf and black glasses is quite a character.  High energy and great sense of humor doesn't begin to describe her.  She is "one of a kind" and a great friend.

We all gathered where we have our usual Monday Morning Coffee Klatch meeting every week..  Except this day was Wednesday.  She had cleared with the powers that be at this sidewalk cafe that it would be all right for her to bring her own cake.  A cake for everyone.

This photo was as it began.  It got rowdy before it was over.  Lotsa photos to see of Dogie in her flashing sunglasses.  A gift from someone.  Other racy gifts were opened, exclaimed over and laughed at.

As if all that wasn't enough, Dogie had to go sit in just about every man's lap.  Causing her husband to turn beet red in embarassment.  Oh heck, at 84 you can do anything you want, I think.

Then Dogie saw two Mexican nationals, good looking men, sitting at the next table smiling.  Never one to be shy, she walked over and asked if she could have her picture taken with them.  They had BIG smiles after that.

What a hoot!  Something so simple.  Good friends.  Capucchinos, Cake and lotsa laughter.  My idea of a fabulous time.

Happy Birthday Dogie.

To see ALL photos of this wild and wonderful gathering go to:
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Shannon said...

Barbara, I tried to look at the pictures. First I got an ad for home alarm systems, then I got an ad for hardwood floors and then I was routed back to your blog posting. Then I gave up. Clearly I am electronically challenged!
It looks like it was a fun party though!

Babs said...

Uh oh, clearly it is probably me, not you! Sorry, I triple checked it when I posted it but since it didn't come up "Blue" I couldn't check it on the post.......arrrgh. I hate trying to do this stuff sometimes.

It WAS fun.

alcuban said...

Whew! When I saw the title of your blog, I thought YOU were 84. Actually Dogie looks damn good for 84. Come to think of it, let's hope we all make it to 84, no matter what we look like!


Babs said...

If I could have the energy and vitality she has and the sharpness, I wouldn't mind making it that long.
Otherwise, NOT.

Jeannie said...

Sorry I missed Dogie's birthday since we are in France. Dogie is one of a kind, for sure.

Jeannie said...

Sorry to have missed Dogie's birthday since we are in France. She is one of a kind!