Monday, September 24, 2012

Hopping off the bus!

 I'm driving down Aurora today, not in the best of moods.  The last few days have not been good and I'm sort of out of sorts.  Not my usual sunny disposition.  I'm on my way to my friend Angie's house to return her cat carrier.  The bus is in front of me and stopping dead in the middle of the street.

THEN I saw her with her Mom, hopping off the bus.  Actually all I could see were feather wings.  My thoughts were, "Where did she come from?" and "Where is she going?"

I quickly followed the moving bus.  Whipped into a parking place in front of Angie's house.  Hopped out of the car with camera in hand.  Angel and Mom came along and I asked if I could take a picture of here precious little girl.

Mom smiled, put her daughter down on the sidewalk and I snapped these two photos quickly so I wouldn't detain them from where ever they were going.

My spirits were lifted!  Isn't it amazing how a seredipitous experience like this can raise your mood instantly?

After I left Angie's I went down the dirt road going toward Obraje and as I came to the corner to turn there were Aztecan dancers, a few people.........and the Angel and her Mom!  It was obvious that some kind of a little neighborhood desfile (parade) was coming.

Now I'm smiling and grinning...........all the way home.

What a precious little angel who lifted my heart and spirit.

Viva Mexico!
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Benne' Rockett said...

I love these kinds of moments! I thought it was because everything is still novel to me but you have lived in Mexico for years and still experience the joy of precious new sights! Love the images. Thanks Babs!

Babs said...

I forgot to mention in the post that when I saw the mom and little girl with the wings, I waved and she smiled and said, "Adios". Just added to the smile on my face.