Friday, August 17, 2012

Going with the "flow"............

I had stayed home most of the week and by Wednesday, after a full week of not being on the bench in the jardin, I felt a need to walk down the hill, buy a paper and watch the world go by.

 After a while of reading the paper and looking up to see what was going on around me, I noticed this couple dressing and all in one color.  Hmmm, what the heck was going on?

They progressed in their costumes.  I loved sitting and photographing.  Watching them out of the corner of my eye.

At full tilt, here they are!  Quite a different type of costume from other mimes I've seen throughout Mexico.

They were quiet (ha, mimes) and unassuming.  The lack of color in their costumes made them even more startling and attractive, I thought.

When I left home that morning, I certainly didn't expect to see something this poetic and magical.  Such a gift. The gift the week before was listening to the Chamber Music students.  It's always something in the jardin.

As we were all enthralled with the mimes, this old friend and that old friend showed up.  Some who I had not seen in months.  Many of them were those who we always had lunch together with in past years.  At least once a week.  We were known as the "lunch bunch".  It just happened. All of us showing up. It wasn't planned. 

Great to see Margaret and Ward who live most of the year in California but have a house here and show up every now and then. Tom back from Dallas.  Emmie from Guatemala where she sells yachts and sail boats on the Rio Dulce.  What a fun group.

And, super to see this dear friend,  Hugo.  He and his wife Donne were some of my first friends in San Miguel when I moved here.  Lots of fun and silly memories we have from the last eleven years.  Donne and Hugo are moving to Kerrville to be near kids and grandkids.
Totally understandable.  They will be greatly missed.

Going "with the flow" is the only way to live here.  If I had tried to imagine that few hours happening the way it did, I couldn't ever have planned for that day to happen that way.

It's the surreal way that Mexico happens.
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Benne' Rockett said...

LOVE those mimes! I want to use that last image....please! I'll give you credit of course. XXBenne'

Shannon said...

What a wonderful day. That is why I love it here so much. The pictures of the mimes are terrific. They were really amazing.

Babs said...

Benne' of course, use away!

Shannon - ME TOO!