Thursday, August 16, 2012

Renting in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

When rentng in Mexico, including San Miguel de Allende, it is expected that the tenant maintains everything and pays the bills agreed upon at the signing of the lease or the verbal agreement. The bills are usually the telephone, electricity, propane gas, water and anything else one wants for comfort in living.

I have abided by that agreement for eleven years! I love the houses.  A few months ago the owners of the property and collectors of the rent from me on both houses stopped by to tell me that if I needed ANYTHING done I should call them.  Imagine my surprise.

As the paint began its annual peel down the wall once the rains began, I wondered if I should follow up with them and have them handle repainting the wall.  I've done it more times then I can count.  When I have the painter here it is scraped and painted in a day.

After pondering, I thought, "What the heck, why not?"
It would save me quite a bit of money - materials and labor. 

A week ago the owner came and we agreed "they", whoever that was, would be here to scrape on Saturday.  In my mind it would be four or five guys and it would be done in hopefully two days.

Two people came with two little scrapers, about 2 inches wide.  After the first day I went out and looked.  I estimated at that rate it might be done by mid September.  I didn't want to look a "gift horse" in the mouth but I felt that I probably should say something about the amount of manpower.  In a polite and discreet way.
I did.

I suggested that rather then one or two people working a few hours that possibly more people for longer days needed to have larger scrapers.  Actually that worked for a couple of days.  The photo above and the photo below are five days of scraping and, oh yes, painting the gate.

At this rate, hopefully it will be finished by this time next week.
  I figure its another lesson from the Universe on patience and letting go.

When do YOU think it will be finished?
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Dan in NC said...

Mañana .......
Dan in NC

Benne' Rockett said...

Good Morning!
"Mañana..." Hilarious! NOT! I guess it is worth the save on money. Painting a house is costly. I've just had the interior of mine done. Five guys with wide scrappers, two scaffolds, and a bunch of brushes. Two 1/2 days! The exterior is going to go by quickly, but have to finish the remodeling. Love the color of the gate!

Bob Mrotek said...

I have been working with people here to get things done on a daily basis for thirteen years and I have learned something very interesting. Surprise!!! In the end it all gets done whether I worry about it or not. This is the day the Lord hath made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it. "Poco a poco" your house will look very nice :) said...

Manana, for sure. Just consider it all an abstract painting and relax and enjoy the process a la Mexicana.

Babs said...

Kay, leave it to you to put it in artist terms. Perfecto.

Bob, yes "poco a poco" is right.

Benne' having done this so many times, the thrill is gone! ha......

Dan, exactly and "manana" doesn't mean tomorrow!

Steve Cotton said...

That truck looks suspiciously familiar.

Babs said...

Yes, it is a red target for federales and thieves. That carrier case on the top screams, "TOURIST".

That red truck goes where others wouldn't consider going.......ha.

Dan in NC said...

I like Bobs "little by little"! Perhaps the proper Spanish phrase should have been, " mañana - mas o menos". Faster? Give Steve a brush! LOL!!! Surely a gentleman who can paint pictures with words as well as he can, can do no less with a paintbrush! You could end up with a Degas - like mural on the wall!
Dan in NC

Babs said...

Steve is busy listening to the "chip, chip, chip" of the workers chipping off each little piece of paint........NO, no Steve on a high ladder!

Shannon said...

Clearly it is being done "on Mexican time", as is the norm. But Bob is probably correct is thinking that if it is taking this long that it will probably be very nice when it is finally done.