Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Scribblings from Galveston

The drive from San Miguel was beautiful as always!  The deserts were green.  Evidently they have had rain.

At one point I thought it was snowing little pieces of paper.  I then looked out of the side windows and realized it was white butterflies.  Lovely fluttering butterflies.  I've had other driving experiences where there were ribbons of butterflies swirling through the mountains.  Enough to clog radiators and cover windshields.  That's usually in October.  The white butterflies in May were a lovely surprise.

Once I crossed into Texas the roadsides were covered with huge wild sunflowers for several hours.  Then the drive morphed to views of the gorgeous, large, oak trees of Texas.  Magnificent.  The amount of rain they have had in the last seven months was obvious based on the green, green fields and the Guadalupe River when I crossed was up to its banks.  Halleluiah!

The most amazing sight of all though is the amount of gas and oil wells between Laredo and San Antonio.  It is officially an "oil and gas rush" to rival the find on the Alaskan Slope.  It has been stated they'll be drilling, thanks to fracking, for at least twenty years.  The find is called "Eagle Ford".  Want to know more, google it.

And where there is oil and gas there are workers.  They need places to stay, food to eat, places to get equipment along with places to get it repaired.  New grocery stores, service stations hotels, motels and schools are all being built.  Truly the landscape of that area has changed dramatically in just seven months.  I can't even imagine what it will be like in ten or twenty more years.  A lot of farmers and ranchers are getting very, very rich.

One of the great thing about this drive is that it is all on four lane divided highway.  The other great thing is that I bypass all cities except Houston.  So traffic isn't an issue until the last hour of the trip..........thankfully.

I love road trips.  It's a good thing or I'd be an unhappy camper.  I'm a happy camper who is having a wonderful time at the "water" in Galveston.



Lee Steele said...

I have read many tales of driving through the border, but none told with such glee and joy. It sounds wonderful! Why don't other expats have such uplifting stories of road travel through Mexico?

Babs said...

Lee I don't know why people don't tell about the good roads and the beauty of that drive.. Maybe for some it is just a way to get from Point A to Point B.