Monday, May 28, 2012


It has literally been years since I've been in a movie theater.  Today I broke the spell.  Trooping off to the River Oaks theater here in Houston was a good move..........

Movies in the middle of the day always seem somehow decadent.  Today was no exception.  Surprising to me was how many people were there.

IF you're from Texas and you like "campy" films, GO!  If you like to laugh, GO!  It's a true story set in Carthage, Texas.  A small Texas town.  Oh, and if you grew up in a small town, GO!  It's a true story.

It seems that Skip Hollandsworth, a writer for Texas Monthly, wrote about this saga of Bernie Tiede, an assistant funeral director who murdered Marjorie Nugent in 1998.  The twist is that Bernie was loved by all.  When he wrote the article telling about the story, a producer named Richard Linklater read it.  About ten years later he contacted Hollandsworth telling him he wanted to turn it into a film.

A clue to the hilarity of it all is that they used  residents of the town to tell much of the story.  GO!

Jack Black is brilliant.  Shirley Mac Laine played her part to a "T".  And Matthew McConnaghey played a part unlike any other he has ever played.

I believe its the first time I've been in a movie where the entire audience was clapping at the end.  Where almost the entire audience sat through ALL of the'll see why. Let me know what you think.........



Todd said...

sounds good, I hope it comes down here!


Steve Cotton said...

Nice new look for your blog. How long has it been up?

Your movie experience was better than mine. I will have post something about it later in the week.

Babs said...

Todd, if it doesn't come to the movies then Juan at Cafe Etc on Reloj will have the DVD or can get it for you for 40 pesos. I'm going to get a copy so I can see it again. People were laughing so loudly that I missed some of the dialog.

Babs said...

Steve, the new blog arrangment has been up for about a month.......I'm thrilled with it!