Saturday, April 09, 2011

A Walk in the Park

I'm still not accustomed to running into my son, the father of Mati and Sebastian on the streets of San Miguel. It is still a surprise to be able to see the kids and to spend time with them. A good surprise.

Last Sunday I trudged down the hill, hooked up with them in the jardin and we all walked to Juarez Park for a couple of hours of fun and frivolity. What fun!

Sebastian had been asleep in this backpack contraption that "Gypsy Kid Son" wears while holding Mati's hand. It is actually quite a neatly organized way to carry a child, food, and anything else in little pockets.

Sebastian awoke when we arrived at the park. To see his expression as he looked around and saw the swings was a delight.

Mati likes to "take things in" before jumping into them. So she watched kids playing and slowly warmed up to the idea of the swings, slides and climbing wall. BUT once she did, it was full force from one to another. Same for Sebastian.

Whew, I'm often reminded why young people have children! After two hours of non-stop activity they headed home for lunch and a siesta. Grammy did the same thing........and is looking forward to the next time........


ccinha said...

What a blessing that you can "run into" your treasures. t said...

I swear but that Mati is a baby Babs...definitely of your tribe. So cute and aren't you happy they are back in SM!