Monday, April 04, 2011

Favorite Electronic Device in Mexico

Hands down, it is loudspeakers. They have them, big time, at the kindergarten on one side of me. The other side, which is the primary school, has them also. Both are very small schools with really NO NEED.

However the principal at the primary school enjoys making the morning announcements at 8AM on the loudspeaker. And the kindergarten uses it later in the morning, sometimes, to play music which the children sing to.

I prefer the singing children any day..........if I have to. The music is always a scratching sounding. The loud speakers cut in and out. Lordy, it is a teeth gritting experience. Kinda like someone running their fingernails down a blackboard.

Luckily it doesn't go on for hours and hours.

In addition, every time there is a group of musicians in the jardin, which is a ten minute walk, they crank up the loudspeakers. No need for me to be there. I can hear it just fine up here on the hill, softly.

And then there is the kid next door. A teenager. While washing his car, his speakers are so loud that my windows rattle. I just hold my breath and hope he hurries up and finishes. OR, that his parents come home and have him turn his music down. Sweet kid, always polite. It's just the music.

Thankfully, this doesn't happen often. Maybe that's why I notice it so much.



Tancho said...

Yep, Mexicans love noise disguised as music. At least you don't have someone sitting in front of your hotel room at 5AM with the stereo on at full blast thinking they are doing a public service to the community.....Which happened about two Mazatlan trips ago.
Maybe a business idea is to sell earplugs?
Only positive thing I can think of is that you know that you hearing is still ok.

Steve Cotton said...

I have become accustomed to the loud music next door. Every afternoon, the woman of the house cranks up the boom box to 10 and sings away with the music. I simply turn mine on at the same volume, and we spend the day sharing our tastes. I don't sing along. Even I recognize cruel and unusual.

Anonymous said...

Last year, we rented a house in SMA's Centro Historico. The maid at the home next door LUUVVED The Beatles' "Yellow Submarine"......all day long. I hope to never hear it again in my lifetime. Lovely lady, though.

Babs said...

Earplugs are a must in Mexico - just like a camera! I never leave home without them........Believe it or not, the noisiest place is at the beach with about 60 Canadians from dawn to dark sitting outside your bungalow talking, loudly, non-stop. I left the beach for the peaceful life in SMA. Ha.
Truthfully, the loudspeakers this morning were all of 10 minutes. But, still a shock since, as now, there isn't a sound but for birds tweeting.
If someone played all afternoon at a high decibel, I think I would have moved long ago. IN FACT I KNOW I WOULD HAVE.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think this public announcement is wise given that you have a casita to rent out now and then?

-- Felipe

Babs said...

I think noise is a fact of life in Mexico, Sr. Felipe. 99.9% of the time it is quiet, quiet, quiet here except for the sound of the hopefully people keep it in context.

Steve Cotton said...

And one of her renters will undoubtedly find SMA to be a very quiet place.