Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Morning........and the living is easy!


Saturday mornings in San Miguel are oh so tranquil. Even though I can hear bugles down in the jardin, there is no noise up here on the hill. Of course the church bells ring every fifteen minutes too, but, you get to the point that you hardly notice them. Not a good thing. Not noticing the church bells.

Coffee this morning was up on the roof terrace looking out over the canyon and the road to Delores Hidalgo. In the distance, very few cars on the road. That was at 7:30AM.

For some reason, I'm waking earlier and earlier. Not because I have anything to do or anywhere to be early. It's just happening. The temperature was 62 degrees on the window thermometer. That's nice. Except for the fact that it will be very warm from about 2 - 4PM today. Ahh, but the humidity is around 19% so it doesn't matter. No need for socks in the mornings anymore. Yee ha.

Our summer is here. Even though in other parts of the world it is spring. Our summer ends when the summer rains come and the temps drop about 10 - 15 degrees giving us low 80's and low 60 's at night.

Warmth brings a smile to my face. In fact my whole body is happy when it isn't cold.

Viva Mexico!
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Anonymous said...

Oh, Babs, you are so confused. Summer has not come. Spring just came. And summer does not end when the rains arrive. It is simply that summer hereabouts is different.

Spring is warm and dry. Summer is cooler and wet. It seems odd, but that's how it is. Summer's down the road, honey bun.

-- Felipe

Mike Landfair said...

You've pinpointed the exact reason why Mexico is so attractive. I love your blog.

Unknown said...

You sound happy as ever.
Is the American man from Virginia still in the picture?

Art Moretti

Babs said...

Oh Felipe, I beg to differ with you. Now I can wear shorts and flipflops. Come July and August it will be long pants and long sleeved shirts, but still flip flops. It was 92 here yesterday on the patio. Once the rains come, it will be 15 degrees cooler.
Thanks Mike, are you in Mexico or somewhere else?
Art, sadly no.

Mike Landfair said...

I just returned from two weeks in Mazatlan. Now in Portland, Oregon. We hope to spend at least six months a year in Mexico soon.

Steve Cotton said...

Well, it feels as if summer is warming up for a hot season down here. This week, the humidity shifted into the 80s. Siestas are not quite as pleasant as they were a week ago. But it is nice to simply slink into the hammock and enjoy the bird song.

Calypso said...

Feels like summer here in Puerto Escondido - but then it does pretty much all year round. Spring in Xico which more resembles your weather.

Glad to see you back blogging - it is a good thing.

Babs said...

Mike - six months is better then nothing!
Steve - maybe you should come here for June also!
Calypso - it feels good to be blogging again and keeping up with friends.