Friday, March 25, 2011

Living in the Desert?






It sure didn't seem that way when I went to see a new home and its gardens here in San Miguel on Tuesday! My oh my, it was lush and luxurious and GREEN. However, I think San Miguel qualifies as a semi-arid area with rain only from mid-June through September. Then nada

The interesting thing and ecologically sound practice is that the stream is recirculating water. The pool is heated by solar panels located on the roof. Since it gets so cold at night here, heating a pool with electricity is extremely expensive and seldom is done. But now, with the knowledge of solar, that situation is resolved.

Even though these gardens look established, as though they've been here for a long time, in fact they were planted about two months ago. Obviously, the budget was generous allowing for large specimen trees and plants to be used.

It was an "aaaaaaaaaaah" moment to sit under the portico and look out at the waterfall, the stream and the large palm trees.

An interesting aside, the landscape designer is from Texas. Graduated from Stephen F. Austin with a degree in ecological science. I can't wait for him to meet my son, the "Gypsy Kid Dad" who now lives here in San Miguel and graduated from SFA as a wildlife biologist. They'll have a lot to talk about, I think.

Ain't life grand?
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