Monday, March 28, 2011

How to enjoy Sunday



A great way to enjoy Sunday is to gather people that you care about, who are great conversationalists and dine. That's exactly what happened yesterday. La Crepe was selected. The patio is exquisitely beautiful. Jacaranda blossoms float through the air. The food is divine. Crepe La Mar for me and a tiny salad.

The piece de resistance however, is the friends and conversation. Three of the people in the photo are my traveling buddies. We've been to Cuernavaca, Taxco, Chiapas, Veracruz, Puebla and Oaxaca just to name a few. The other lady in the photo is the new resident of the guest house until June 1st.

The conversations at lunch were enlightening and fun. One of the gentlemen had just returned from Cuba. It was discovered that three of the five of us had been to Cuba. The other gentleman had just returned from his three or four months in Zihuatenejo.

I especially wanted to include the new resident of the guest house as she is a Brit as is one of the men. It was fun to hear the two of them discuss where they came from and the fact that they both left Britain in the mid 60's.

After lunch we went to the home of one of the men for dessert. A lovely affair. As we sat around eating raspberry tart, I mentioned that my friend had left Britain to go to Hong Kong. And, the resident of the guest house said that her former husband had lived in Hong Kong at about the same time.

Now, what are the odds of this? My friend and the husband of the resident of the guest house KNEW each other. Good grief. This six degrees of separation thing goes on and on here in San Miguel. But it never ceases to amaze me every time it happens.

The day was capped off by the photo of the sunset through the bourganvilla tree which is now about two stories high.


Babs said...

I wrote a blog yesterday and couldn't get the photos to upload so I deleted it - same thing today. Usually from Picasa a google thing comes up and then I put in my password and the whole thing is posted, with photos. That hasn't happened these last two times. Anyone out there know what I should do? Curses.

Tancho said...

Save the photo onto your computer, then uploaded from your computer not Picasa.

Funny how, we have met people around the world that knew someone, we knew also. You have to consider what the chances are of that?

Unknown said...

Great post even without pictures. I'm getting the picture of a lazy, sunny, talk-filled day in Mexico.
That's one well-traveled group.

Have you been to Cuba, and have you written about it?

Art Moretti

Steve Cotton said...

I was going to suggest the same approach as Tancho did. I put my edited photographs on my desktop and upload them to Blogger from there. I have had several problems with uploading photographs lately. It may be the application.

So, do I get to go to Sunday bruch when I become The Lodger?

Babs said...

Thanks Tancho and Steve - But with Picasa you don't have to do that. When you hit the "blog this" button the pictures take you to google which automatically takes you to a place to write the post and then publishes it. For some reason it missed a step the last two postings. Aaargh........
And, yes Steve, of course.
Art - NO, no Cuba yet. It is #1 on my Bucket list. I have many many books on the architecture and many, many articles on the national parks. Hopefully this year!

Tancho said...

"the pictures take you to google which automatically takes you to a place to write the post and then publishes it."


Glad you got them up!
I will join Steve for that brunch!

Babs said...

Tancho - You are more then invited. Steve is going to be here for the month of July in the Guest House. Billie of Billieblog and I were talking about getting as many writers together here for a grand get together. As the time draws closer, we'll let you know where and when...........