Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Face of Love


While at a birthday luncheon in the country the other day, the owner of the ranch had many rescue dogs. A Scottie, a German Shepherd and a couple of labs.

The dog in this picture had been rescued a mere three weeks ago after being hit by a car and had a dislocated hip. Surgery was performed, I believe, and she walks with a slight limp. Sweet, sweet disposition. It didn't act like a dog who had been mistreated but more like a dog used to being around people. But the owner told me that she cringed when they tried to help her after they found her, so I don't really know.

However, she sat through most of the lunch with her big paw, and I do mean BIG, on my knee and this incredible looking face staring at me. I swear I so wanted to bring her home.

Resist I did. It wouldn't be fair to have a big dog like that with as much traveling as I do. But I can't get her out of my mind.

Now when my dog of fourteen years, Flash, was hit by a bus and died six years ago, I swore never again. I was so bereft that I was shocked at my behavior.

Of course, those of you who follow the blog know that I was adopted by the feral cat who became known as Velcro, (cause she follows me everywhere). But, she is self sufficient. Definitely not as much work as a dog. In fact, she goes off on search and seizure missions every now and then in the canyon. Luckily, she doesn't bring home here prizes anymore. Things such as lizards, mice, birds, or whatever else she catches. Thankfully.

But I digress. I think I'm going to have to delete this photo of this precious dog to stop thinking about her. I DO NOT want to have another dog. I DO NOT. I DO NOT. I DO NOT!
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11 comments: said...

Oh dear, I don't know how I could resist that face but I know the feeling. After passing Freckles on to a more energetic family, I swore never again but everytime I see the picture in the paper of a dog in the shelter I want to run get it. Dogs do need a lot more attention.

1st Mate said...

I can tell what was going through her mind: "Now this is a sweet lady. Big heart, lotsa love there. I just wanna bask in all that love for a while." You're right, you do way too much traveling to keep her but she is a heartbreaker, isn't she? I hope someday you can have a dog in your life again, there's nothing like that connection.

Tancho said...

It's not what you want....the dog has selected YOU!
You will not be happy until you share your life with him...
End of story!

Tina said...

Cesar Milan says you do not get the dog you want--you get the dog you NEED.

That's how we ended up with THREE!

She looks very sweet. Maybe she was trying
to tell you something? ;-)

Calypso said...

Every time I pass a box of puppies in a grocery store parking lot I WANT one! Fortunately mi esposa brings me back to my senses muy rápido!

Judy said...

Maybe God is trying to tell you something.

Michael Dickson said...

That mutt has your name on her.

Paul said...

Yes you do!

maria luz said...

I am with Tancho on this one. There is no sweeter love than the special love of a sweet dog. Just this morning I was on the patio with my Bailey. He leaned over and tucked his head into my lap, up against my tummy, and then gave me a big, wet kiss on my knee. Then he looked up at me with those big, brown Beardie eyes and I just melted, almost to tears.

When the time is right, my friend. When the time is right, you will know it.

It is sad how many folks have never figured this love out and think a dog is nothing but bother. Oh, what they have missed!

Mary Lou

Babs said...

Well, as much as I would LIKE to have this precious dog, it already has an owner.......thankfully.

In the meantime, I'll just let Velcro tell me what to do. Such as "let me out" and "let me in". Along with, "Where's my milk?" and "Move over, I want the warm spot on the bed".........


Dan in NC said...

Tancho, Bliss, and Maria Luz are correct.. We have never chosen a dog ( we have had 4 as a family) but have always let the dog choose us (all rescue/RSPCA). Our last lab/retriever spent 17 years loving us, and our present Shepard/chow has been with us for 8 yrs. A good dog (mutt) is a great companion and can provide unquestioned love and protection to their adopted pack (family). Hopefully, you'll shortly be in a situation where you can open your doors and heart to a deserving pal. They take so little but give back so much!
Dan in NC