Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bloomin' In The Garden


Just like Clockwork Orange, these flowers bloom every year at this time. They are quite spectacular. On my weekly wanderings through the gardens, I also noticed that the poinsetta tree is starting to get red brackets and will be covered in blooms in another four weeks or so.

The rhythm of the garden fascinates me. So much of it isn't really tended to but it still performs right on schedule every year - come rain or shine. Delightful.

As I wandered around this weekend, I realized that I am reluctantly leaving again on Wednesday for a quick trip to Louisiana and Texas. Up and back. No long drawn out months this time.

I'm off to have a blast with old high school chums. We have all been emailing back and forth now for several months. Although we're only going to be together for four days, we're going to attempt to make up for lost time. The 50th reunion! I can hardly wait to see everyone.

Then I'll head back to Houston to see the "Gypsy Kids" in their new house along with the Hogan Six Pack who lives across the cul de sac. The Hogan Six Pack is my youngest daughter, husband and four kids. That too will be a blast. I want to go trick or treating with Matilda and Sebastian. It's one of my favorite holidays.

Then "the man" and I will spend a wee bit of time in Galveston and the rest of the time with the family.

Hopefully we'll be back in San Miguel by the first of the month, flying. And, all the time, I'll know I'm coming home to the beautiful gardens, and all the celebrations that November and December will hold.

See you on down the road. I'm outtahere soon.
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3 comments: said...

Hope you will be here a few days after Nov 1 as I don't get back until late on the first. Books are waiting!

Michael Dickson said...

That flower, of course, is off the aloe vera. I had an aloe vera for years in Houston, and it never flowered. Didn´t even grow much.

I think you can retire the phrase "the man" now. You´ve already named him, Paul.

Where´s your feminist side? Would you always want to be referred to by him as "the woman"? Bet not.

Enjoy the visit north, again.

Babs said...

Felipe, good comment. I will, in the future, refer to him as "Pablo".

Yes, the aloe vera are taking over the big garden. They have more then multiplied since I've lived here....