Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Putting my "big girl" shoes on.......





When the time of the year arrives when I have to put my sandals away and wear shoes with socks, my mind immediately thinks, "BEACH".......... When I have to wear flannel jammies to bed and turn on the electric blanket at night, my mind immediately says 'BEACH"! And when I have to wear not only a shirt, but a sweater and a jacket too (and of course slacks), it's time to leave.

Of course the beach isn't til January but I sure can look longingly at the photos from years past. And, sometimes I think, I must confess, "Why the heck don't I live at the beach?"

But I know the answer to that. The weather in San Miguel is perfect all but two months out of the year. I CAN just wear my big girl shoes, my flannels and a jacket, among other clothing. It's not for THAT long.........Ii even noticed some cute plaid earmuffs at a store here the other day.

Oh, but warm sand, pina coladas and the roar of the ocean, I can hardly wait.
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Steve Cotton said...

And hre I am getting ready to take off my big boy shoes to enjoy the sand.

Michael Dickson said...

My lovely wife and I are off next week to Rincón de Guayabitos. We´ll wave as we pass by.