Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Joys of Grammyhood





You would think after you have a few grandchildren that the newness and excitement would not be as strong. THAT is not the case. Each child is another amazing gift to observe, love, laugh with and hug. To see them grow and become people is miraculous.

I recently was in Colorado spending time with Matilda Isabella and her new brother Sebastian Woodrow. I only put in the middle names because that is how Matilda now refers to she and her little brother. Cracks me up! My "love" from West Virginia tried changing the names around with her to see how she reacted. She, at two years old, became slightly indignant and let him know, in no uncertain terms, just what was right. I wish we had videoed it because we were all laughing so hard before the scenario was over. It's pretty impressive to see a two year old who is not intimidated by a retired Colonel. She is feisty............wonder where she gets that from?

And smart! I mean really, really smart. I have to remind myself that she is only two. Her speech is clear and very extensive. Her memory is amazing. In addition, her reasoning capability is about that of a 4 or 5 year old. A Mensa baby.

So, one day when I had the opportunity to take her over to the park we dressed and headed out. What fun! She picked out her clothes. She wanted her red hat with a ladybug on it and then started looking for her ladybug backpack. She wore it.

Off we went, hand in hand, The playground has all kinds of climbing things. She's fearless - not me - I was holding on to her for dear life. Then she wanted to go through the tire. All I could think is - "Lordy, don't let her get stuck cause how the heck will I be able to climb in there and get her". Swinging was never high enough. Determination was on her face as she said "Higher Grammy, higher". A thrill seeker at 2 years old. Oy vey.

This was the day that after I sang "zip a dee doo da" four times, she had memorized the song and sang it all the way home.

The last night there we went to Old Town in Fort Collins for dinner at a rather upscale place. It was interesting to see how well she behaved - as long as she had food. No fussing, just happy.

Can you tell she likes hats? First the red one and then the pink beret? It's those little things that are the treasured memories of a grandparent.

I know the next time I see Sebastian that there will be a little person with a personality and unique traits. I can hardly wait.

In the meantime, next month I'll get to see the other five grandkids in Houston! The oldest, Jessica, will be graduating from high school and going off to be a Texas Aggie. I'm so proud of her! It will be fun to see the culmination for her of her high school days and the beginning of a new season of her life.

The others, Andrew, Hannah, Emma and Christopher are growing up fast too. Oh my gosh, at this rate they'll all be adults and not little kids much longer...........stop........I LIKE when they are little kids.

The life of a Grammy is a special thing I could never have anticipated would be so wonderful!
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