Sunday, April 04, 2010

Hibernation and Holidays



I'm here to confess that I haven't left the house, until today, since last Wednesday afternoon. What a joy. The tourist buses were rolling in on Wednesday. The traffic was becoming horrendous and I just decided to take the easy way out. I stayed up on the hill in peace and tranquility.

Enjoying the garden, resting.........and oh yes, cleaning out tons of stuff. It's that time of year when I switch out the closet and put the winter things away and take out the summer things. Since I've lost a goodly amount of weight in the last year - 8 bags of clothes went to a good cause. Then I tackled other hidden storage areas. My goodness, I'm a packrat and didn't even know it. What a sense of accomplishment to complete this spring cleaning.

My tenant in the guest house has moved to Ajijic so I need to find a new tenant for that wonderful one bedroom, one bath stone house overlooking the canyon. Do you know any writer, artist or someone who likes peace and quiet who might be looking for a place? It will be ready the 15th of April.

So, although I haven't left the house - all kinds of things have been going on. BUT, in a slow, quiet, peaceful way.

It seemed relatively quiet today when I headed out to the country for lunch. Hopefully tomorrow I'll stick my head outside the gate again and see if "the coast is clear". If so, I'll head down the hill.........

Hmmm, first year I've missed all the Semana Santa pomp and circumstance. But, that's all right. I've seen it for nine years now. I have enough photos to fill two boxes. Happy memories.
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Steve Cotton said...

I may be talking with you about the casita when I return from Oregon.

Michael Dickson said...

I´ve seen the casita in person, and it´s really, really nice. A great rental opportunity for someone. said...

I think we all need hibernation time to reflect and clean up our acts. Good work. Your garden is doing its gorgeous thing...Jennifer would love it.
Good luck on the is a joy to stay in and perfect for a writer/artist.

1st Mate said...

Looks like we both spent the past week the same way. Only difference, no pomp and circumstance on my streets, just kids and Your casita sounds very tempting and if I weren't committed here I'd grab it. What fun it would be to be your neighbor!

Babs said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Felipe and Kay. I love that place too with all its light and views of the canyon and gardens.
Steve, hopefully it will rent by the 15th of April. It usually only takes a week or two to find a new tenant because it is so unique.