Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Don't you wonder?

I wonder how much longer I have to live.............20 years, 2 years or 2 days - hopefully not the last number! I'm a planner, so, if I knew I would know how fast I have to move.

My dear friend over at Tales of Zapata blog informed me yesterday that I'm starting my 69th year of life since I'm turning 68 today. Of course that is information I didn't REALLY need to know. But, of course, as usual, he is right. You don't have your first birthday until you have lived a year. Oy vey.

So earlier this week I lost an hour when daylight savings time started. Then yesterday I lost a year. Good grief.

Do you wonder how long you have left? Or do you just think it will be a long time? I think I REALLY live in the moment and try not to waste an instant. However, remember, my mantra is doing nothing is not wasting time.

I guess I'm more cognizant of time then most. My husband died at 36 and my daughter at 42. It brings home that we don't all have a long life. Who ever imagined I would live this long? I sure didn't. I remember so many instances in previous years when I thought forty, then fifty were ancient. I was in my twenties then.

So, today I start that sixty-ninth year. It's a great time in my life. And I do mean GREAT! Woo hoo.


Matthew Smith said...

Happy Birthday Ms. Babs!!!
Iam 51 and in my head I still feel 22 or so. When I read your blog I do not think of you as 68. You have a youthful and optimistic outlook. I am definitely a live in the moment person. I don't like to live in the past and don't like fretting the future. Stay as young as you are. I have expectations for you to be blogging a long time. Sign me selfish ... Jan in Mississippi

Tancho said...

A wise old philosopher once said, "Don't worry about it!" Worring will put lines in your face and gray hair on your head.
Only the obsessive compulsive will want to micro manage their final days, so I will have to agree with the wise man..
Happy Birthday, there is so much to be thankful for, go out and have a toot with your buds.....

Charles said...

Babs - your joie de vivre and free spirit are ageless - have a wonderful birthday - just don't trip on any area rugs!

One Small Voz said...

Happy Birthday to another Aries! :-) I am 28 and think a lot about my remaining years...mainly to enjoy each minute that ticks by until the last one comes.

Babs said...

Jan - Truth be known, I feel younger today then I did when I was 25! I think I feel like I'm in my late 40's about now....although those 20 hour days of travel do wear me out!
Tancho - I'm off to have lunch with 10 of my bestest friends - a toot!
And Charles, I got rid of ALL of those area rugs and still walk more gingerly now then before. Thanks for reminding me.
Thanks to all for the well wishes!

Calypso said...

I took a life expectancy test the other day that reported I should live to 105 - I am sticking with that ;-)

I will email the test to you if you like. I think I am too cantankerous to kill off and you are too nice - how's that?

canadiangrl said...

Best wishes to you today and in the coming year. May all your hopes and dreams come true!

Steve Cotton said...

Babs -- My best wishes on this fine birth date. With your attitude, age is nothing. As for me, I live as if I might die any minute. There is no time to worry about such things.

norm said...

I should have been dead ten ways from Sunday before I was 35 so it has all been a gift from there, I try to live with no regrets and leave it at that. If I go before supper, I'm fine with that, I made my peace with God when he let me go on when I was young. Happy birthday and many more. nk said...

Happy Birthday, dear youngster. Old age is just a state of mind or at least that is what I keep telling my body. Ha! But yesterday a guy flirted with me at the post office and today I'm sure I must be is good, weather is gorgeous, birds are flying, coffee is poured but who the hell is that old lady in the bathroom mirror?

Christine said...

Ha! I have been following your blog since it first started a few years ago. At first I imagined you as a frail old lady who stayed in her house most of the time and only timidly and carefully ventured out. Whenever there was a gap in your postings I worried you had keeled over dead. Now it is the opposite. I imagine you whizzing around town and Mexico and up to Houston and you seem younger and more lively than I am at 63!

Mike Nickell and Cynthia Johnson said...

From our mutual friend, Mr. Jimmy Buffett..."I'd rather die while I'm living than live while I'm dead."


Babs said...

Happy Birthday Leah - to a fellow Aries!
Calypso - Send me the test via email. Let's see if I'll have enough money to last til I die. (I only have enough til 83)
Thanks Canadian Girl and Steve!
Norm, I'm with you - it's amazing that I'm still alive - especially when I think of all the crazy things I've done and the roads I've traveled.
Kay, what bathroom mirror? I only use a hand mirror now - it's so much better!
Christine - I've never been frail, timid or careful - I've always been a whizzer - if adventures and miles counted, I'd be 1000. If this wasn't a family blog, I could tell you more, ha.
Cynthia and Mike - For wisdom, no one beats Jimmy Buffet - LOVE it!