Friday, November 27, 2009

Weird Thanksgiving

It's not that I didn't have turkey and dressing and all the traditional food items. That was delicious. But, with the exception of four people, I was with total strangers. WEIRD.

That has never happened before and if I have any way of preventing it, it will never happen again. I'm sorry but that is the one day that I either want to be with family and precluding that, long-time friends - like for 30 years or so.

I usually trek to Houston for my semi-annual pilgrimage of family, friends and food. This year I just didn't.........WEIRD. In addition I could have flown to Colorado to be with the Gypsy Kids. Instead we sat and talked on the webcam. Well that is cheaper and not nearly as exhausting as flying during the holidays. WEIRD

I'm promising myself that barring any unforeseen circumstances, I'll be in Colorado with the Gypsy Kids next year, cooking, baking and loving on TWO little babies, Matilda and the Baby Boy who is coming into this world on January 5th WOO HOO.

Lucky Seven - yes, this will be the seventh and probably the last grandbaby. The heck with turkey, I'll just want to snuggle and hold those precious little fingers and toes, read to Matilda and cook for the family.

I guess I'll never get over being a Mom and Grammy. Why should I?


maria luz said...

I finally understand. I get it! I became a Grammy on Tuesday to a beautiful baby boy. My son's first. He came home on Wednesday and they are loving this new addition to their home.

And you are right. You never get over being a Mommy or Grammy, or in my case a Moo-Moo (long story).

30 years or more? Hmmm.... That disqualifies Felipe and I. Oh well, I get

Babs said...

Congratulations! Oh my you are in for the most wonderful and delightful time of your life! Unconditional's great. You'll do no wrong, as far as your grandson is concerned. It's the best.
Well the 30 or more years can be waivered for a special few.........

Steve Cotton said...

I spent both of my Thanksgiving dinners the same way -- with people I have known for about six months; some far less. But I had a great time. New audiences. Old audiences. Doesn't matter to me. As long as I can pull out the old holiday boater and cane, I can always be a trouper.

Charles said...

Babs - I can appreciate how you felt yesterday...the difference being I used to feel like you felt when I was growing up..spent with relatives I hardly knew and only saw once a it was I can choose to spend it with those I truly know and or not. Have a good weekend!

Babs said...

Steve, you are such a huckster ha!

And Charles, I never thought of it that way.....interesting. My son always complained that we never ate just with our family. I was always bringing in strays - those who had no where to go and weren't known that well by all of us - now I see how that dynamic can cause loneliness. said...

I hear ya! Too weird to be without good friends and/or family on Thanksgiving. We have had a wonderful time here in Charlotte and are so grateful that we could make the trip. Next year you can plan differently...sometimes we need to have these disappointing experiences to make some changes.