Sunday, August 02, 2009

"The Road Trip - Day 2 - Second Time Zone

We DID make it to Billings, Montana the second night. It was 99 degrees and everyone was muttering and not exactly excited about the heat. We couldn't believe it was that hot that far north. I KNEW what would hit us in Texas, but even though I had forewarned TM, no one can imagine in their wildest dreams 107 degrees in Laredo. Thankfully.

As we drove there were many meandering streams that were so blue and so beautiful. I wanted to get out and put my feet in that cold, cold water but there were too many miles to go. Oh well, next time. Did I just say that?

The roads continued to be straight as an arrow and NO traffic. This was a typical sight. It was amazing. We were on interstate highway alllllllllll ,allllllll the way to the Mexican border.

The rock formation below was somewhere in Wyoming and, if I remember correctly, near Custer's Last Stand, I'm positive it was in Wyoming.

Next stop, Ft. Collins Colorado to see the "Gypsy Kids". Yippee - eye- oh!


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