Saturday, August 01, 2009

Robbed at Mega

The title of this post was going to be: 3600 miles, 3 time zones and many cups of bad coffee. All posted with great road photos.

BUT yesterday afternoon while shopping at Mega, a guy distracted me, purposely, (I realized in retrospect) while someone else stole my wallet out of my purse.

The ensuing saga of notifying credit card and ATM card companies, along with having the front gate lock changed, since there was a key in my wallet along with my address, just sent me over the edge. It's not over yet as I now need a new driver's license, insurance cards and a myriad of other things.

Oh well, no one died. However if I could get my hands on those "yahoos", I would beat the tar outta them - and that's being polite.............I was so mad, somewhat at myself for being so dumb, that I just raved about it last night.

I'm over it now - just the other phone calls to make. I've learned some valuable lessons. Such as, don't put all your eggs in one basket. Don't talk to strangers. Keep your credit cards in a separate place...........and your driver's license. And NEVER leave your purse in the grocery cart. I knew better.

So, that's it from home in San Miguel. We traveled 3600 miles through Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas. We crossed two borders. Had NO problems whatsoever. And then, this silly thing at Mega. Go figure.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you got caught up in a negative experience after so much fun.

Maybe you are getting fresh start?

Blessings and looking forward to news of your adventures.

Richard said...

I have always been fascinated by the purse. Men have their lives in the back pocket and women have this gigantic bag with so much in it and so much to lug around and worry about. Then there was the man bag.. a concept I didn't get.

I did have my wallet stolen from the Gym and remember the hassle. All the ID I had was my passport and it took forever to replace it all. Maybe you can create a new identity

Michael Dickson said...

Creating a new identity! Now there is a notion with possibilities.

Ah, Ms. Babs, first the Beach Boy Cotton and now you.

You have my sympathy.

A little late now, but don´t tote credit cards unless you need them that day. I almost never carry credit cards in Mexico, and I carry an ATM card only if I´m about to use it.

Now go get a Mexican driver´s license. Works on both sides of the border and far easier to replace.

Frankly Ronda said...

Bummer- really.

Rita said...

Sorry about your "misadventure". Nerve racking to have to replace all those things. And to think someone out there has evil motives with YOUR identity.

I hope today is proving a bit better

comitan said...

Thank God for the little bads that keep the really big bads at bay.
Glad it was just a man that distracted you could have been a gun.

maria luz said...

Oh Babs! Been there, done that, and I am so sorry.

In 1988 un ladron slugged me in the stomach in front of my eight year old son in the doorway of the Burger King on the very tony west side of Fort Worth. He made off with a NM handbag, that I just loved, and all of my financial identity.

Never mind the cards, license,and bag, my Dad's gold Cross pen was in my checkbook. I had carried it with me for 20 years after he died. I was sick over that for along time.

Don't beat yourself up over it. We Aries girls tend to do that a lot.

Here's to better times and no more yahoos!

1st Mate said...

That's all you need, when you're decompressing from all that travel, the stress of having to replace all those cards.

Richard's right, in principle. We women should be able to get around without carrying so much stuff with us. But men don't wear makeup and their hair is usually short enough not to need much attention. Their clothes almost always have deep pockets. But even the Capt usually has his fanny pack with him, which he never straps on, so it might as well be a purse. I'm still looking at ways to break the lifelong habit of carrying a purse.

Unknown said...

First time I came to SMA I carried a Klein Tool Bag as a purse. Well designed bag w/ a good looking logo. But it was like a man magnet. Lots of comments. Men who are good with their hands usually know Klein Tools.

Steve Cotton said...

As Felipe pointed out, I am sorry you had to join the lost wallet crowd. But I am going to try to follow advice and not carry everything in one place. The toughest replacement has been my license. I need to return to Oregon soon to get it. But, you are correct: no one died. Though, I am on the lookout for those Fagin-run children.

Anonymous said...

glad you had such an enjoyable trip and that you arrived safely. so sorry to hear about the theft, but at least no one was hurt and you can replace all those items, even if it is a pain in the butt!

take care and have a good week.


Babs said...

Tryikng to contact people sure adds to the aggravation. You get the "on hold" syndrome or if you attempt to do it online, in some instances you go through all the rigamarole and then it says "This procdure cannot be completed online". AAAAARGH......

I now know you can't do your social security card online, your Tx. drivers license if you don't know the security code, which is on the stolen license - AAARGH - etc.etc.etc.

So, Felipe, hopefully, hopefully I can get a Mexican driver's license!

And Richard, I usually caryy my money in a "safe" place and I'm going back to that. IF I can figure out a way not to carry a purse anymore - well, at least a wallet, I sure have learned MY lesson.

Nancy said...

I need to get shorts and pants with the pockets on the legs...that's how Paul carries his wallet and cell phone. Seems pretty easy.

comitan said...

Maybe an Omen, a name change maybe.

Tancho said...

Sorry for your hard reality check, with these events becoming more prevalent every day you will now know less is better when being outside the house.
I have often seen woman have their bags in the shopping cart, while their attention is on something on the shelf. Hard lesson, been there too!
Welcome back!

Calypso said...

Bummer Babs - I mean that was a bummer actually. I never carry my wallet in my back pocket. Anita has a cool bag that hangs like a medallion in front.

Also we do the Felipe routine of not carrying cards unless required or any other valuable information that won't be needed.

Glad to read your trip went off without a hitch - so far that has been our experience getting here to the U.S. - Looking forward to getting back already.

Babs said...

Well, the plot thickens. I now have found out while at the bank today - that this has happened to multiple people. The same "m.o.", with the same results.
I sure have learned many lessons. Had a casual friend offer me money if I couldn't get some from the bank today. How nice!