Sunday, August 02, 2009

"The" Road Trip - 3600 miles - Day 1

It started out smoothly enough the first morning, with me offering to fly home - but once it was established that that wasn't an option, all settled down and we were outta Richmond BC. The distance, the amount of time, and the exhaustion had taken its toll, but once on the road, it WAS an adventure. Going through US Customs was a piece of cake, although the car was loaded to the windows.

When the US Customs guy looked at me (as I was driving and at the border crossing) and asked me, "Lady what's your relationship with this man?" and I replied, "Now officer, isn't that kinda personal. I'm taking him to Texas." Of course this was said with a twinkle in my eye and a Southern Texas drawl like I've never heard come out of my mouth. He turned red and said, "Go on through". It always, always works. No search, nada.

So, on down the road after Seattle, there was road work and traffic. I note this because it was literally the ONLY traffic we saw for 3600 miles. I'm NOT making that up. Just wait til you see the next group of pictures and you'll believe me.
We DID see trees - lots of them in Washington, Idaho and parts of Montana. There was an area near Spokane that was like a moonscape. BUT it was curvy, I was driving and so nada photos.
We saw lots of bales of hay. This was near Idaho where we spent the first night in Couere d'Alene. Great place - Superb Italian restaurant with a delightful design concept. We walked there from the hotel. After 10 hours in the car, I was SO happy to walk.
We saw lots of signs. Mileage signs - deer signs - wildlife signs that said "Beware of the wildlife" "Dangerous wildlife" "Protect the wildlife" Heck, the only wildlife I saw in three weeks was RUCO in his biker bandana when we met him for brunch. NO animal wildlife on the road other then a couple of roadkills. Not even a goat, or anything! Well, we did see a lot bikers on the road - did that count?

The first day or two were uneventful. It was beautifully majestic. I envied those that were riding with the wind in their hair while we were sealed in a car tighter then a DHL envelope. But heck, the 4 cylinder Nissan Sentra was driving well. The air conditioning was working superbly, thankfully, and the gas mileage was astonishing low.

It was clear sailing on down the road. Second day - destination possibly Billings, Montana. Would we make it there?
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Mic said...

A wonderful start...looking forward to the rest of the trip.

Hard to believe you didn't see traffic for 3600 miles. Gonna have to try your route. Every time I get back to civilization, the trucks have gotten Taller and Longer and Faster !!

Michael Dickson said...

The gas mileage was astonishingly low . . . or high? High is good. Low is bad.

Babs said...

Yes Mic, we were absolutely astonished at the lack of traffic and reached for the camera many times to document not a car or truck in sight!
And Yes Felipe, it was HIGH. Thank goodness I have you to keep me straight. For Mexico we filled up at the border and filled up one other time. Two tanks for Mexico and still have gas in the tank! Not so on my Pathfinder when I drive to Tx.

Islagringo said...

Glad that you are home safely, despite your awful shopping experience! Now the fun can really start! Introducing this TM fella to all your friends. I can just see you. Your left arm demurely wrapped in his, twirling your parasol ever so slightly above your head as you stroll the park.