Tuesday, August 04, 2009

"The" Road Trip - Day 3

It's strange how all roads seem to lead through Ft. Collins nowadays. I mean how do you get to Ft. Collins from Vancouver? Three days of hard driving. But, of course, it was well worth it, as you can see. Much to my disappointment, Matilda was not interested in playing much but rather fussy because of teething. Darn, and I so wanted to play on the floor with her.
Instead we strolled the streets of Ft. Collins. Here the flowers were exceptionally beautiful also. We dined at the Rustic Oven in Old Town which is a great restaurant.
But mostly I just drank in the antics of this cute little wee one. She loves wearing her Mom's headbands. And when she got particularly
fussy, Grammy found post-it notes in her purse which became a fun, fun thing to play with. It's amazing the things that entertain kids that are not toys.

We found out what Matilda's new sibling will be and all are thrilled and happy. Names are forthcoming.

We left, reluctantly on my part, on Sunday morning with the destination of Albuquerque, at least. See you on down the road.
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Anonymous said...

Matilda does look like her Grammy!

How has TM been managing you and your ways?

And you his?

More please!

Ruco said...

Yeah ok, day 3, what happened to day 2? Is this one of those high, low gas mileage thingies? Felipe, the girl needs help, she lost a day somewhere.I think it's between 1&3 last time I checked.

Babs said...

Yes Ruco, it goes #3, #1 and beneath it instead of on top of it is #2.
The reason is when I started downloading photos from Picasa I realized they weren't from the first day and rather then delete them, I saved them as a Draft and tried to publish them after Day 2 but, it, the computer knew better.
So scroll down and there it is, Day 2.......

Ruco said...

Well surenuff, looky there 1 day, 3 day,2 day. Gatta tune in tomorrow to see where 4 day&5 day line up. I'm just happy you made it home, no matter what day you did it in.