Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Scurrying and Catapulting

Do you ever start out one place and the next thing you know you're not where you think you should be? It happened to me last night. It's this "season of bad luck" that is continuing.

Earlier yestrday my computer was taken to the Computer Dr's casa to have a hard drive operation. No computer last night. So I read and watched TV upstairs in the living room.

I needed to use the facilities and scurried to go down the two flight of stairs while the commercial was on. I didn't want to miss the show I was watching. The next thing I knew I was catapulting down six hard cantera stairs and ended up in a heap at the bottom of them. In my attempt to break my fall, I pulled a piece of art with me that WAS framed and had glass. No more.

So I laid there for a few minutes and tested my legs, ankles, arms, wrists etc.. To my relief and delight nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Thankfully. So I carefully walked back upstairs, watched the rest of the show and then went back down and cleaned up the broken glass.

In retrospect, I'm sure glad I do live alone because I am sure that was NOT a graceful catapult.
Not in the least. You know, like the ones on the gymnastic shows. In my mind I think it was anything but.........graceful.

I'm afraid to say, "What next?"


Steve Cotton said...

Perhaps you should audition for the Cirque du Soleil.

comitan said...

That's a scary one glad you didn't need help getting up.
Once you train them to stand back and wait until you're sure everything is working it's good to have someone to help you up. Get the casita rented so you can holler to someone.
BajaDove the other side of comitan. I forgot to sign the last one but we've been together so long we think alike anyway.

Todd said...

Hmmmmm, Did someone break the no tequila rule?


Babs said...

Very funny Steve - somehow I don't think I have enough years left in my life to be able to master their moves.
Oh yes, hollering would be good BajaDove to get help.....
And Todd, that would have made it better! But actually it was a toe getting caught in some flouncy lounging pajamas....that's what I get for scurrying and flouncing.

Michael Dickson said...

My Lord, woman! Be careful. Glad to hear you suffered no permanent damage. Must have been a really good TV show.

I like Todd´s comment.

Todd said...

Babs, if it was caused by those those lounging pyjamas perhaps it would be safer , when you are alone, to just wander the house Au Natural!


1st Mate said...

I'm glad you're OK! You must have good bones. From now on I recommend you lounge in shorts.

picklesandroses.blogspot.com said...

Not a good week here either! Our backyard tree that received a small split from Ike developed a huge one after a troop of bozos talked us into letting them trim some branches. Now the damn thing became dangerous and had to be taken care before we leave for Charlotte. Called in experts (ka-ching, ka-ching) and at least it won't fall on the house while we are gone.
So glad you got the prof out of there!!!! In spite of the clean-up, at least you are rid of him...it is worth the $ loss to see him gone.

Islagringo said...

Flouncy pjs? You are just too much sometimes. I agree with the au natural or shorts. I would hate to hear that you got hurt from your own clothes!

Babs said...

Hey Wayne, I was channeling Carmen Miranda again.....ha. And Todd, it's too darn cold here to run around au naturale.........And First mate - I typically do have on shorts or something like that but for some reason I decided to look "girly"....obviously, I'm more klutzy then girly.