Sunday, June 21, 2009

Breaking News! Breaking News! Breaking News!

Living in the moment is the best way, in my opinion, to live life! It happened again last night. I came in from my evening at Longhorn Saloon where I went thinking I was going to hear Billie Rose sing blues - oh and CAN she. But the owner had other plans and it was 50's and 60's music for dancing. Oh well. It was fun because I was with friends. Great conversation and catching up on all kinds of things. Some of which were the plans for the BIG BBQ cookoff on the 4th of July, which I think I might get sucked into whether I want to or not. More on that later! So I got home a little late. I went to the computer and voila, I had an email from Miguel, aka Felipe of the blog, Zapata Tales. He and La Guapa Senora were in town! And, they wanted to meet for breakfast on Sunday morning. How exciting. I am a HUGE admirer of his writing. Huge. He was a journalist for many papers throughout his career. Even a stint at the Houston Chronicle. His phraseology and his quirky way of seeing things dazzle me. Read him at and The Bierce Account at Enjoy! You'll be hooked.

So, up I was first thing this morning. Dressed in my finest, well let's not get carried away. But I did fix my hair and put on makeup and clean clothes, the works. That's something for a Sunday morning for me. You know, first impressions and all. I wondered if we would recognize each other. After all, yes we have corresponded for a couple of years, but to actually meet face to face! Well I needn't have worried. We recognized each other instantly. Talked incessantly. There was not enough time. It would have taken days for me to ask him all the questions I had to ask.

But instead, I brought them up to mi casa so a point of reference could be established. And, I wanted them to see the views of the real San Miguel. At least my reality. They wanted to head home to Patzcauro soon, so I didn't delay them, but oh I wanted to.

What a beautiful and nice couple. He, who comes across as a hard ass sometimes on his blog, is actually quite a sweet guy. (He'll hate that I said that) There was not enough time. I'm going to have to go to Patzcauro for several days and hopefully have cafecito in the Plaza, so I can ask all those questions..........SOON.

It was the highlight of the weekend for me.


Steve Cotton said...

Ah, another reason I should I have started in SMA. Sorry to have missed that Sunday morning.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Zapata in town!!
Although seemingly grumpy and a contrarian, he and his 'lovely' do seem to need a fix of San Miguel once and a while and I can understand why.
It's great that you had the chance to meet and show him your digs.
Now it would sure be nice if Steve Cotton would drive up the hill for a good nights sleep and a fine meal.

So Cal

Michael Dickson said...

My, we look quite fetching in that photo, almost like real San Miguelinos. Well, one of us. The other looks flat-out Mexican.

We´ll have to invent our own Gang. We´ll call it the multicultural, part-time gang.

On the way home, we both proclaimed you a Good Egg. Enjoyed the visit, brief as it was.

We had gone no farther than the edge of SMA when a bolt found one of our tires. Being in Mexico, getting it fixed was quick and cheap. Then we continued on. I am sweet?! My lovely wife agrees. Gracias.

Babs said...

Ahh yes Steve, you should have been here, it was delightful. And yes Rick, Mr Zapata was in town with his lovely wife and a good time was had by all....just not enough time.
And Felipe, a Good Egg, is that because I'm round and full of yokes? I would have preferred glamourous, sophisticated and beautiful - but hey, I'll take what I can get.....just kidding. Yes, your wife's sweetness is obviously rubbing off on you.....

Anonymous said...

He should change his OnLine Photo to DICK VAN DYKE. He looks like him, not Sean Connery at all.

maria luz said...

I was just thrilled when I found you got to meet those two. This weekend I was out of town and late last night I went through my e-mail. Felipe told me you guys had a really nice time. Even put in a link to this post of yours.

When Felipe calls one a "Good Egg" you can be assured you are very high on the list. Kudos! And you are right, he is a big sweetie.

Y si Don Felipe. You are both very handsome, fetching even. And La Guapa Senora is simply devine. Better looking all of the time! If that is even possible?

No, when he takes off his sunglasses he looks nothing like Van Dyke. The Connery avatar es un chiste, but not far from the truth, especially in his younger years. He is a good match for the lovely lady at his side.

Steve, you missed a big one. Lo siento mucho. Start planning!

Good for you Babs!! When we get down there we will all have to arrange a get together extraordinaire.


Anonymous said...

I like Dick Van Dyke.

Unknown said...

Hey Babs,

Care to name drop who was out at the Longhorn this weekend?


comitan said...

Wow to be the proverbial fly, My two favorite bloggers together.
Babs favored because reading her is like a hug from an old friend
Felipe because he brings places and people to real. I have walked his Calle Lodo, though I haven't been there and met the infamous Iceman RIP.
what a night.

Michael Dickson said...

Rick, I am not grumpy. I am quite reasonably annoyed at folks igniting fireworks near my house before dawn. Same goes for the drivers, etc.

I do not make excuses for rude behavior simply because it´s a Mexican doing it, as it usually is here.

I am a contrarian for sure when confronted with the opinions of other Gringos who have resettled in Mexico. But my contrary take is politely phrased.

Dick Van Dyke?! Egad.

And, Maria Luz, you are right. Miz Babs is high on my list, especially after meeting her.

Comitan, Babs is quite huggable indeed. I now know from first-hand experience. And very, very fetching!

We got a house tour. She goes on here about limited finances, and I assumed her rental with the accompanying casita that she rents out was relatively modest. But wow! What a spread. Both her place and the "casita" are big and very impressive, sitting on a mountainside with a spectacular view.

Steve Cotton, up the comment list here, should get his backside to SMA and become her tenant. The casita is vacant at the moment.

Babs said...

No, Sr. Felipe does not look like Dick Van dyke but does have the personality of Sean Connery....I leave that to your imaginations.
Maria Luz, I look forward to planning a big dinner party under the trees in the garden with good food, great conversation and lots of laughter. When will you be here?
comitan, how lovely.
Felipe, I think we are members of the Mutual Admiration Society. Thanks for the plug on the casa, the great breakfast, and of course the "hello hug"!