Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The "Pez" Man

It never ceases to amaze me what inspires people to create art. In this case it was Pez dispensers. Who would ever have thought? One of the things I love about the Annual Orange Show Eyeopener Tour is the "unexpected". I have learned over the years to expect the "unexpected". The Pez Man sure didn't disappoint. Prior to arrival I thought, how exciting or surprising can a Pez be? Silly me.......

When we arrived Steve, the Pez Man, was standing out in the street to wave us down. We were in a typical residential neighborhood. Who knew that a whole other world existed behind his house? Not me or probably anyone else. But the sight of the Pez Man just was delicious. I zoomed off the bus, threw my arms around him and asked for a photo. I got it. Fun, fun.
As we were walking to Steve's "environment", I caught this shot of him from behind. Don't you just love the hat? It has to make you giggle. It weighed a ton.
In the backyard environment, which was through a typical gate, was a six hole putt putt course. Also a "studio" where Steve creates Buddhas, the Pope and Elvis, among others out of typical Pez's. What a hoot. He had a musical duo playing and several other artisans there who had created "art". Some of it was assemblages, funky stuff and one guy creates penis art. Although I have a photo of me with this art, I'm not displaying it - this is a G-rated blog. I must tell you though, it did make you grin, it was so darn clever.
Don't you just love the unexpected things of life? No expectations and then you're just plucked down in an other worldly experience that you'll never forget.

Steve entertained us with his "Breaking News" theatre where he satirically did a take on the news programs in the USA. It was hysterically funny.

Steve's Pez's sell for $20US at his studio but in the chi-chi galleries of Santa Fe, New Mexico they were $35 US and up! Go figure.
I'll be telling you about other sites in upcoming days. Stay tuned.
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