Wednesday, June 24, 2009

MORE Pez Photos

Just wanted you to see MORE of the "environment" and the Pez characters created by Steve. I sure wanted his Obama Pez and regret that I didn't buy it. Darn.
Here's the group of shoppers while the artists stand by to enjoy the sale of their art. Wacky stuff.....oops art.
And here is our trusty leader, "Narrow Larry" trying to keep the hat on and not fall over from the weight. Larry is a practicing architect in Houston and is a very organized, detailed kinda guy. He sure does do a good job of planning everything to the nth degree and minute. Sometimes seconds. By the end of the trip with this wacky group, Larry is either ready for a sedative or lots of drinks. I don't know why "herding cats" is so much fun for him. We DO try his patience. Every year he swears he's NEVER going to do it again. Good job Larry - keep it up.
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Frankly Ronda said...

I really admire people who just embrace their inner artist and go for it!

This guy looks like he is having fun in life.

Jan said...

This is truly amazing. By the way, I love your blogs. I can relate to a lot especially the tinako stories......glad you're ok from the fall.

Babs said...

Ah American Mommy these "outsider" artists all march to a different drummer.
thanks Jan for commenting - you're new to the commenters. Welcome. I'm glad you like the blog!