Friday, December 19, 2008

Toes in the sand, nada, but little fingers on the table, si!

Thanks to Steve for that line. It brought back some memories from the last four weeks and new ones from the last twenty four hours.

When I cooked the Christmas Family Dinner on Tuesday for the Houston group, I had purchased a new Christmas tablecloth for the family. So here's the scenario, all the food is on the table, everyone is seated but the parents and one of the kids spills a few drops of iced tea. AND the fun insued. Unbeknownst to me, the tablecloth was water repellant and the kids were enchanted with the idea that the iced tea didn't soak into the cloth. The first few drops were quickly cleaned up into a paper towel, but, in order to show Mom and Dad when they came to the table, a few more drops had to be spilled so they too could witness the "miracle of the cloth". It was very cute and so innocent. I chuckle about it even now. Children's perspective of what is miraculous and ours is miles apart. Theirs, in my opinion, is more on target.

So, now I'm with the Gypsy Kids and Mz. Matilda who is beyond precious and EVERYTHING is with little teeny fingers. She sticks her pointer finger out for me to touch it and then peals in laughter. A miniature E.T.! She delights in this for minute after minute - her laughter makes me laugh. And, yes, I'm down on the floor at her level where we can communicate.
Watching her eat also brings smiles, today it was beets and oh my, she's like a little bird with her mouth wide open waiting for spoonful after spoonful from Mom or Dad. Finishing the meal, she is a HAPPY camper in her little outfit with footies. Why can't adults wear an outfit with footies? They sure look warm and snuggly to me.

The sun came out just as we were leaving the grocery store with all the food for me to cook for the next couple of weeks and darn, I didn't have my camera with me. It was a sight I've never seen before.

All the trees were covered with snow and ice, the ground is covered with snow, the sky is now azure blue and the mountains are in the backgound. It was a breathtaking'll have to take my word for it. Now that the sun is out, all the white looks better to me.

Tomorrow's high - 17 degrees. OMG!


Theresa in Mèrida said...

You are so right on when you say "Children's perspective of what is miraculous and ours is miles apart. Theirs, in my opinion, is more on target."
I can just picture the scene, and it made me smile. The miracle of the tablecloth is a delightful vignette of a happy family.

Steve Cotton said...

Great tale, madam. However, children and adults see miracles. You get described one with the snow, the sky, and the sierras.

1st Mate said...

Babs - I do hope you get a chance to shoot the snow before it all melts. And isn't it nice to know you can enjoy it and then leave it behind! said...

My niece is here from Longmont and said it was -18 when they left. Brrr.rr.rrr
Have a wonderful time with the darling Matilda but hurry up with the pictures.