Monday, December 22, 2008


I actually went out in THAT yesterday! A blood vessel in my eye burst while we were having breakfast - never happened before and I'm blaming it on the cold! I NOW understand gloves, scarves, hats, coats and thermals. God help you if you got all that on and then changed your mind.
My toes are in mutiny. I hate shoes and so "toes in the sunshine" are my preferred method of living. Not now! I actually dislike too many clothes also, hence my love for the beach, but right now I have so many heavy clothes on, I could fall over and not feel it.

So, ok, I'll stop whining. It has been a shock to experience this though.

Did you see the article about the Continental jet crashing on takeoff at the Denver airport heading to Houston? Everyone escaped by sliding down the wing. The firemen on the scene couldn't believe that many people didn't die. Wow! I'm now imagining myself sliding down the wing of a 737. Not my idea of a Happy Holiday vision.

In a few minutes, we're all heading to Old Town in Ft. Collns to wlk the strets and see things. It's up to 22 and everyone says "Wow, it's so nice". I'm looking at them as though they just lost their minds.

Tomorrow Lisan and I will bake Christmas cookies. The next day make dressing and relax onChristmas with Mz. Matilda, Lisa and John. Ahh, the Big Day is finally here.

And, two weeks from today I'll be in Barra - but whos counting? ME


Calypso said...

Amiga - I heard about the plane in Denver and immediately thought of you - weird huh?

I mean I am thinking I hope Babs is alright and yet we are only Bloggers - I guess a Blog is thicker than water ;-)

Have a GREAT and safe holiday amiga.

Steve Cotton said...

I had exactly the same thought as Calypso when I heard the Denver news. And I would rather imagine you sliding down a wing to safety -- rather than not.

Salem is suffering a snow-ice-snow storm unlike any I recall. I recall more snow in the past, but not with the inch of ice sandwiched between. Jiggs, who loves the snow, thinks it is some diabolical plot to keep him from enjoying life. And, of course, it is all my fault.

Enjoy the kids. And then revel in Barra.

Anonymous said...

i can just picture you all bundled up. we've had so much snow i actually snowshoed to church yesterday. i think steve's ice storm is heading our way. it looks like freezing rain on wed. so i am taking a shuttle to the airport tomorrow and spending the night in a hotel. i don't want to end up missing my flight.

by the way, the kids did make it here safely, if a day late. the pass had been closed in the morning but opened before they got there, thank God. the alternate route would have been way worse.

enjoy your snow time. i'm one of those crazy people who likes the white stuff, as long as i don't have to drive in it and i haven't done so since last tuesday.


Cynthia said...

Have a wonderful Christmas! It's not 22 here, but it's a chilly night in Houston and you know how cold Houston can feel. It should be mid-70's by Christmas, so we get to warm up one more time.

vandy said...

In the morning, Continental Airlines flew about 50 passengers, including the Tillys, to Houston on their own flight. CEO Larry Kellner met the passengers in Houston and apologized, Jeb Tilly said. The survivors were each given $200, a 10 percent discount coupon for a future flight and a coupon for a free beer.

Babs said...

Hey Calypso and Steve - I'd rathre have "visions of sugarplums" then my rear sliding down a wing - but however, you're right Steve better that then not!
Teresa and Cynthia - stay warm! And Vandy, I'm sure that coupon for a "free beer" made alllll those people feel sooooooooo much better! Good grief.

Babs said...

By the way Steve, tell Jiggs it IS a diabolical scheme - I'm walking like Granny Frickert trying to avoid the "black ice" - it's almost like being on the uneven cobblestones in San Miguel. said...

Just remember to let your camera get cool before you try to snap. Mine used to fog over when I took it out in that cold. Be safe. No ice skating, you hear?