Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow outside..warm by the fireplace inside

Travel day yesterday, out of a zillion people in the Houston International Airport, the couple who sat down next to me, has a house in San Miguel, and were on their way home to Boulder! What are the chances? We talked and talked - what a cool couple! I KNOW our paths will cross again.

So, after the uneventful flight and the shuttle to Ft. Collins, I am firmly ensconced in my OWN warm room with my OWN BATH. HOW NICE.

Tomorrow is the 45th birthday of son John! How can that be when I so VIVIDLY remember my escapades at that age? It seems like only yesterday.

So, tomorrow, providing its NOT snowing, I'll head out and explore the area. There is definitely enough snow already to make an angel in the snow.......

I've taken a ton of photos to share but it will have to wait til I can download them.
Overall impression of my surroundings here - LOTS of white!
Adios from the "frozen tundra" of Colorado.


Steve Cotton said...

But do you have your own internet access? We ae looking forward to photographs. If no toes in the ocean, at least little fingers at the dinner table.

Anonymous said...

hello from freezing lake stevens! glad you made it safely to colorado. i lived in fort collins one summer while i job hunted and ended up getting a teaching job in denver. ask your kids about horseshoe reservoir, i think that's the name. i lived in a duplex just down a hill from it. i love that state-it's where i first fell in love with the mountains. our schools have been closed the past 2 days because of snow and won't open again till jan. 5th. please pray for safe travels for my son chris and his girlfriend liz. they have to cross a mountain pass to get here on sat. and the conditions don't look good at all for that day. it is a 5 hour drive from pullman to lake stevens and i really hope they can make it but told them not to feel obligated to come. their safety comes first.

enjoy your time there! how nice to have a fireplace.


Calypso said...

Our last State side residence was in Colorado - the beauty there is even though there is snow and really cold temps there is almost always sun - you can be warm at 20 F there - so have fun with your son in the sun.

Babs said...

Ahh, Steve there have been many little fingers at many tables in the last four weeks. GREAT memories.
Teresa, you have fun and I'm sure the kids will gt there safely.
Calypso, the sun came out a while ago and it makes all the difference in the world as I look out at the white snow and ice laden trees.

Anonymous said...

we had some sunshine today and it does make the snow look even prettier. we're in for a windstorm tomorrow-sustained winds of 50-70 mph and another possible 4-12 inches of snow. they're saying this is the longest coldsnap since 1990-i believe it. that was the year we moved here and i remember it very vividly. this is more like colorado weather than wa. weather-the high today was around 23. i walked 2 miles in the snow tonight-i guess you could say i had cabin fever. i just put on my yaktraks, like tire chains, only for boots, and i did fine. chris called to tell me they will take all the safety precautions necessary. they even have flares.

happy cooking. i've been baking for 3 days and getting fat!

enjoy matilda and the rest of the gang.


teresa said...

Shades of my life in Denver...heating lamps under the hood of the car to keep the oil from freezing.