Saturday, October 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Bill!

My Baby Brother Bill turns 60 today! How can that be? It seems like yesterday that my Dad called to tell me that my Mom had a baby brother for me and would be home in a few days! He changed my life forever. You see, for 5 1/2 years I had been the baby of the family and now he was IT! Oh my gosh, he says I traumatized him for life.........cause my Mom would let me take him for walks in the buggy and when I would get around the corner where no one could see us I would run like hell with him..........could you tell I was jealous? Ha.
We were inseparable as kids. We have an older brother and sister - 10 and 11 years older then me and 15 1/2 and 16 1/2 older then Bill so it was like there were only the two of us. Here we are at McHenry, Ill. on the pier at the Fox River house where we used to spend summers. It was a fun place. It is still there. We used to go over to the dairy behind the house and watch them milk cows. Us city kids thought that was amazing. The other fun thing was that our mail was delivered by motor boat and it was way cooooool. Remember Bill?
I HAD to put this picture in cause it just shows that no matter what I was doing, my "baby brother Bill" was there. All my friends loved him and he was such a "clown" - still is............This picture was in 1955 in Shreveport, La.
And, I just HAD to add this picture too because you MUST notice this little smirk on my brother's face..................This was New Year's Day, 1956. Bill and I were with my Dad and our new puppy Dandy. THAT SMIRK is something my brother still does to this day!
Bill has grown up to be a wonderful husband, father, lawyer, golfer, aggravater (just kidding) and a great brother. I just can't believe the years have passed so quickly and thankfully he and I have mellowed and are good friends besides being related. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILL, I LOVE YOU.

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Well, Happy Birthday, Bill. Love the pictures, Barb.